Sunday, August 2, 2009

My old Man's a Dustman.

The first two lines to this nonsense song were taught to me and my siblings by our grandfather, Papa. He taught them to us but he didn't know the rest and neither did we.

But, guess what!

The other day I found it in one of my Mummy's resource folders! How great is that!!!

My old Man's a Dustman.

My old man's a dustman,he wears a dustman's hat
He wears gorblimey trousers and he lives in a council flat
He looks a proper nanna in his great big hobnail boots
He's got such a job to pull 'em on that he calls 'em daisy roots

Some folks get tips for Christmas and some of them forget
So when he picks their bins up he spills some on the step
now old man got nasty and to the council wrote
Next time my old man went up there he punched him up the throat

My old man's a dustman ,he's got a heart of gold
He got married recently though he's eighty-six years old
We said "Ere hand on Dad, you're getting past your prime!"
He said,"Well when you get my age it helps to pass the time!"

Now one day while in a hurry ,he missed a lady's bin
He hadn't got but a few yards when she chased after him
"What game do you think you're playing ?"she cried, right from the start
You missed me! Am I too late ?""Nah ,jump up on the cart!"

he found a tiger's head one day ,nailed to a piece of wood
The tiger looked quite miserable and i suppose he should!
Just then from out the window a voice began to wail:
It said: "Oi,where's the tiger's head ?" "four foot from his tail."

Next time you see a dustman lookin' all pale and sad
Don't kick him on the dustbin, it might be my old dad!



LadyBug-Laurie said...

This is such a fun song which I always enjoy hearing. Thanks for posting all the word. :)

Miss Eden said...

Autumn is that the song that Papa