Friday, June 29, 2012

A week.....

I can't believe its only a week till my 19th birthday . Just. A. Week. And I am sooooo not prepared to turn 19!!!!! I mean seriously , didn't I just turn 18? Huh?        

 Okay, so I am not really panicking like the above example.  But, I guess the thing that's worrying me is that 19 is just a step from the big Two-oh and that's kinda scary when you think about it. Isn't it? But, at the same time it also very exciting. :]       Another thing about turning 19 I have no heroine for the year. Yeah each year since I was 16  I have had  a heroine of the same age to look up to and feel a kind of kinship with..

This years being 18  and all it was Rapunzel.

17 was Nancy Drew.

16 Lizel von Trapp

And now I am stuck!!!! I have no book/ movie  girl character who is 19!!!!!

Anyhooo, this week I will spend pondering this past year which has been huge  and being thankful for it all the good and the bad because  in every situation I learn something and I grow. In mind, body  and spirit . And each day I know I am treading my very own path God has made for me  and becoming the woman he want sme to be.

Ta Ta Darlings!!!


Abby said...

The heroines idea is so fun! I have a suggestion - Elinor Dashwood from Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility is 19. Have you seen the film or read the book?
It's my 16th birthday tomorrow and I agree getting older is both scary and exciting :)


Autumn said...

A happy birthday to you my dearest Autumn! *hugs* I love that idea of having a heroine, I think I'll do that! I just turned 16 in March, so I still have time to choose one for this year. :D I would be bursting with excitement if I were you! I hope your birthday is wonderful and blessed! We should Skype sometimes soon! :)

<3 Autumn

Autumn said...

Abby: Thank you for commenting! Elinor Dashwood is awesome! I love the 1995 movie.
Autumn: you dear thing! Thank you for your lovely comment! Lucky you. :] I remember being 16 was amazing. We should totally Skype soon. :]

Raewyn said...

How exciting, Autumn! 19 is a fabulous age, if I do say so myself... ;) You should make some special plans to celebrate. Happy early Birthday! :)

Autumn said...

Raewyn: Thanks for commenting. :] I am making plans for the day. Should be good. Spending it with my family and that's the best part. :]

Rogan said...

that's just one step from being twenty

Spork said...

What about Princess Leia? Isn't she 19 during Episode IV?