Friday, June 11, 2010

A Dangerous Weapon We All Possess.

Do you ever feel like your tongue is a dangerous weapon ,just waiting to be unleashed?

A weapon you hide often because of the damage it can cause not only to yourself but to those around you.

You try so hard not to use it and yet at the times you least expect it it pops out of its hiding place and works its damage. Or you feel like there's a barb on the end of it , just waiting to leash out and work its curse on someone. A weapon you often successfully hide to the world like a gangster hiding a gun in his coat just waiting to use it. I often feel like that I get angry I say things I don't mean to and then afterwards I feel awful as if I had just destroyed a city with a bomb or tidal wave.
I then spend time resurrecting the city that I destroyed piece by piece with great care and sorrow. And the question is , how much longer shall my secret weapon be a curse? Will it remain buried and hidden or will it show itself at the least suspecting moment?


Gae said...

Dearest Autumn,
You are a strong person who knows her own mind. It is a hard weapon to control. I am proud of how you can admit this.
I love you and your gifts and talents. I know God has a great plan for you and you are a beautiful young woman who will be an assett to the Kingdom
Lots of Love always

Vellvin said...

I awarded you: