Saturday, October 29, 2011


I sooooo love this song!  "Skyscraper"  for me is a song about even when you feel broken , worn or just plain awful to stand tall ,be you and be proud of being you and what you have overcome. 
                                   In the past year Demi Lovato has overcome quite a few issues which have been challenging her for most of her life. She decided to do something about it and with help has become a much happier and more confident person.  For me she is inspirational, if a celebrity , who has millions of people watching their each move can accept and overcome their problems, and then tell those millions what they are , surely I one person can accept my problems and overcome them? No matter how small they are or seem to be. 

This song is one of 18 songs I have made a playlist of and put on my Mp4 player.   I called the playlist  the  "Happy playlist" and its a collection of songs which I find inspirational , and encouraging.  For me to listen to when I feel down.   And this one is like in the top 5 of that playlist that get played all the time. In fact its number 1. 

What do you think? Do you like this song? Do you have a song that you listen to to encourage you?

Ta Ta Darlings!!!!


Olive said...

I have a friend who did a cover of this song, her name is Emily Woods, you should look her up on youtube.;]

Autumn said...

mleWoods? I looked her up and if thats the one than she did an awesome job!!!!!