Monday, October 31, 2011

Post # 200

So, this is my 200th post .   And these are a couple of things I'm mulling over  and working on currently.
Whether to audition for a part in a local musical or not. I've never done anything like this before and I think it would at the least be a good learning experience.

Finish vamping up my resume soon, like tonight.

Keep up with my fitness program. I'm beginning to see even more results.

Order a new book I want .

Work on some blog post ideas.

I'm trying to figure out a lot of stuff in my life and am finding it a bit challenging.


Why don't I get more comments on my blog?  I'm not really complaining , but I'm curious . I personally find nearly always something to comment about on all the blogs I follow, and I just can't work out why I don't get many. Are people bored with my blog? What do they like to read about here? Should I just stop blogging for a while?   Do people not like my blog?     Just wondering.

Why do some people have to go through sooooo much difficult hard to understand stuff and other people nothing like that at all?

I'm thinking up a couple of new story lines .

Anyhoo  that's pretty much it .   Stuff   I'm thinking and working on and trying to understand.
Maybe tonight I'll watch something I love and drink something sweet and comfortable and just relax and forget them all.  Sounds lovely no?

Did I mention along with Wolverine i also love this guy?  I <3 you Dastan!!!!!

Ta Ta Darlings!


Cubette said...

oh, i know exactly what you mean. i comment on just about every blog post i see, and still, some of my posts get few or no comments. i like your blog a lot, and i think the damsels daybook is brilliant!

if you really want to stir up attention about your blog, you should direct people to it when you comment on theirs. an invitation will prompt people to visit you, and they'll be more likely to comment. you might even get some new followers. that's what i did. hope it helps!

iGirl said...

I think you should audition for it!! Even if you don't get in, it'll be worth a shot! :) Just my opinion though.

I know I haven't been commented lately. I have been sick and super busy, and haven't really been doing anything with any blogs. Sorry, but I'm back now and I hope I'll be commenting more. I won't make any promises because you never know what might happen.


Autumn said...

Cubette: Thanks for the advice. And its soooo good someone understands!
iGirl: I think I will try auditioning for it. Like you say even if I don't get in it'll be worth a shot! I've missed your comments.
Thank you very much ladies.

Autumn Elizabeth said...

I think you should totally audition! It would be super fun. :) I don't comment on many blogs lately, because I'm short on time, but I do try! Oh, and one thing about your blog, you may want to take all the stuff off of your sidebar, and put it back on because I think one of them has infected your blog (I had this happen to me) because whenever I try to visit your blog on my PC, it redirects me to a link from one of your sidebar widgets, and I can't get back to your blog! :( It was really hard to post this comment, for that very reason! :) I hope you get everything sorted out, and I really hope you audition and have fun with it! <3

<3 Autumn E.

P.S. I got your letter a couple of days ago, I will be sending a reply shortly! :)

Autumn Elizabeth said...

P.S. Vellvin's blog is doing it too! :(

Autumn said...

Dear Autumn,
I am going to audition. I think it would be very fun.
I know you don't get on the computer much nowdays. This is your 2nd or last year of school isn't it?
Thank you for telling me about the widget stuff. I'll be fixing it asap! Not good!
And I am going to be putting together a few little things to send you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Autumn,
I read your blog, but don't usually get time to comment. I have been waiting to see pics of your deb ball, when will you be posting those?

Autumn said...

Hi Sherry!
Its nice to hear from you.
I'll be posting pics. very soon.

Sara ♥♥♥ said...

I'll comment on your blog!
helpful hint: add a question or two at the bottem of your blog posts! It helps!

Janelle said...

Nice Blog!
I'll comment!
Janelle xoxo

Anna Maria said...

Congrats on your 200th post. I enjoy reading your blog however I am really slack at leaving comments.

I think you ought to audition it would be a great experience even if you don't get a part. What musical is it? would I know it?

I'll try to comment more.

Autumn said...

Anna-Maria: Thank you for commenting!


Riah said...

Sorry I haven't been commenting. Last week was super busy! But I'm back!