Friday, October 7, 2011

Musician's and songs I like. Part Three : Demi Lovato

 I'd have to say that Demi Lovato is my favorite singer/songwriter/ musician . I love her songs. I love the depth of meaning the have and I like the happy light hearted ones she has.   I admire the struggles she has gone through and the strength she has had to get help and come out a better person.   I love the way she dresses .   Okay, so I like her a lot.      And I will continue to love and support her music and journey.      My favorite of her songs would  have to be her new one  "Skyscraper."

There is such a powerful message for me in this song. And it can vary each time I listen to it.   It has for me many hidden meanings , many deep heart warming meanings for me in life.     What did you think? Do you like Demi? Which is your favorite song of hers?  Tell me!  

Ta Ta Darlings!

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iGirl said...

I LOVE DEMI LOVATO!!! I really like La La Land, The Middle, Every time You Lie, Party and Skyscraper. And probably anything else by her :)