Friday, June 29, 2012

A week.....

I can't believe its only a week till my 19th birthday . Just. A. Week. And I am sooooo not prepared to turn 19!!!!! I mean seriously , didn't I just turn 18? Huh?        

 Okay, so I am not really panicking like the above example.  But, I guess the thing that's worrying me is that 19 is just a step from the big Two-oh and that's kinda scary when you think about it. Isn't it? But, at the same time it also very exciting. :]       Another thing about turning 19 I have no heroine for the year. Yeah each year since I was 16  I have had  a heroine of the same age to look up to and feel a kind of kinship with..

This years being 18  and all it was Rapunzel.

17 was Nancy Drew.

16 Lizel von Trapp

And now I am stuck!!!! I have no book/ movie  girl character who is 19!!!!!

Anyhooo, this week I will spend pondering this past year which has been huge  and being thankful for it all the good and the bad because  in every situation I learn something and I grow. In mind, body  and spirit . And each day I know I am treading my very own path God has made for me  and becoming the woman he want sme to be.

Ta Ta Darlings!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Marilyn Monroe: and beauty.

“All little girls should be told they are pretty, even if they aren't.” 
-Marilyn Monroe. 

Marilyn Monroe, she was one woman who did many things, some good some bad  but more importantly  to me ,she  has left us a ton of amazing quotes as women in the 21st century.   

The above quote is one of the most beautiful and powerful I have ever heard.  And if you think about the time period she lived in the  beginning of pressure for women to look , dress act and physically be a certain way its  even more awesome.       

The thing about this quote that is most important is it is true.  Every girl no matter her age should  be told they are pretty.   I mean seriously  even if you are the only person in that girls life to tell her she is pretty you will have made her feel she is pretty inside and in a time of trouble and self doubt or such like  maybe she will look back remember what you said and hold her chin up and carry on being her beautiful self. I don't know exactly how your saying that could help her but you never know. I certainly know that when some one  tells me "you look pretty" " You have beautiful manners"  etcetera, etcetera,etcetera.  I feel beautiful. I feel confidante in being me , with all my flaws all, the little things I worry  about . "The Pressure to be Perfect " (as I call it and have heard it called)  drops away, all the pressure to look, talk, and behave a certain way goes . And I feel truly beautiful. And heck, maybe tomorrow I'll wake up with dark circles under my eyes from a sleepless night and maybe I'll just wear track pants out with ugg boots and (heaven forbid!) no make-up!!!!.

And no, I will  not look like the goddess the media says I should, I won't look like a model or celebrity I might look a bit well, ordinary but I know as long as I follow my heart and the moral guidelines I have, I AM beautiful

When we embrace ourselves , everything , our fears, flaws as well as all our  goodness, talents  . Everything. We are all beautiful.

And maybe all the kind of pressure the media gives everyone is one of the reasons Marilyn had such a tragic ending to her young life.

Ta Ta Darlings, and remember YOU are beautiful!

Monday, June 25, 2012

I didn't want to leave....

This! This is what I didn't want to leave this morning. :[ Yes  that right my lovely, delicious, toasty warm bed.  Its one of the most beautiful places in the world I  believe. You dream in it (literally and figuratively) ,read in it, lounge in it, sleep in it, chat to  sisters in their beds from the comfort of your own, and pray.  

Not my bed. But, I can dream right?!

I love my bed and I hate leaving it on a cold , frosty morning. :[  At least I'll see it tonight!!!

Ta Ta Darlings!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Guess what!!!!!

Today is s special day for me. Its my Blogaversary!!!!!

3 years ago I started this wee little blog and even though I go through periods where I am not blogging much if at all. I always return to it and have kept at it . Not for anyone else's benefit, not because I want a ton of followers, not for any reason under the sun except I love Blogging. I like the fact I can share anything on my little patch of cyberspace.  I shall be spending the day thinking in how best to celebrate this milestone and shall post up what it will be very very soon!!!!!

Ta Ta Darlings!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Men I love Part one : Orry Main

Like most girls have I imagine, I too have a list of guys real or imaginary  that I am shall we say "in love" with . I like them for various reasons character traits, circumstances I can relate too etc.  We'll begin with:

 Orry Main.
Isn't he handsome?!!?!?!?!?
Orry is from the books and TV series "North and South."  He is the son of a wealthy plantation owner in  South Carolina. He goes to  West Point. During the journey, he meets and falls in love with beautiful New Orleans French-Creole Madeline Fabray.  At the Academy he becomes great friends with George Hazard.  While at the Academy the meet Bent and evil ,twisted man  who instantly hates Orry and  constantly harasses him and punishes him for no reason.  Orry keeps writing letters to Madeline even though she haws not responded. After being gone 2 years Orry returns home on leave.  While home Orry learns that Madeline is to marry Justin  La Motte, who is known to be a cruel man .  After Madeline's wedding Orry and she discover her father hid Orry's letters to her so that she would marry a powerful and wealthy man.     She and he are both devastated  and  now that she  is married they can't even be  a couple or anything like that!!!  Orry returns to the Academy and Madeline begins her life as Mrs. Justin La Motte.

I'm not going to say anything more about the story as it'll spoil it for those who might watch or read  it. :D ( the TV series is better. Just saying)
Orry's character is amazing! He's a real gentlemen,  a hero, and he is just awesome!!! Plus he and Madeline are just so great together.  There is some adult content in it so I would definitely only watch it if you have parental permission, are a very mature person, or over the age of 14 or there abouts.

Now some pictures of the dear guy shall we?!!! ( or should we say couple as Madeline is in all of them but one? )

Aren't they sweet?!?!?!?

That dress is to die for!!!!!

Secrets, secrets, where would the world be without them?

Basically he is awesome, his story is awesome and I am in love with it all and him!!!!!  And I never tire of it! I love his determination and the strength with which he overcomes things. And well, EVERYTHING!!!!!! Do you have a character or story you never tire of?
  Ta Ta darlings!!!!
Autumn xo

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On a "must read" classic.

There are many classic books people tell you are "amazing!" "incredible" and "a must read."
One I had never read was a book that kept on popping up here and there with people saying how good it was. "Anna Karenina."
Eventually I decided to read it. Surely it couldn't be that bad?
I am not even halfway finished  and yet  I am already bored, horrified  and  upset over  the main character's transformation and idiotic choices.
Frankly, I cannot see how a book with so much immorality in it can be held up  so much by scores of people as a "fabulous  , must read".   Its kinda sad really.
Image on a book cover I found on-line.

I had to see how it ends so read up on it on Wikipedia and am happy now I know how it ends. It doesn't end happily. But, now I know how it'll end so I'm content in that knowledge.
 But, I am still horrified with Anna and her behaviour and what she does.    I shall link to the Wikipedia article on her and the book  here as it is rather long and has mature content in it. Anna is an interesting character  but I do not like her very much at all.
I prefer the secondary main female character  Kitty. Her story is most interesting and her character delightful.
Frankly, I think Leo Tolstoy 's book is more admired for his writing style and the amazing  quotes then the story itself.

I shall be finishing the book ,even though I know how it ends. As much as I dislike Anna herself it is a rather interesting story. And I imagine many would call it tragic. I do enjoy reading it but Anna gets to a stage where she gives me a headache and we need time apart.     A new movie starring  Keira Knightly in the role  is coming out this year and frankly I am excited about that as I really feel Kiera could play the role very well. In the meantime I shall be finishing the book and then watching one of the old films of it.  Watch out for a post on my finishing the book perhaps my view will have changed. And movie reviews of it.

Have you ever read Anna Karenina? Or any books by Leo Tolstoy?  Have you ever read a book people said was awesome only to read it and think it wasn't?

Ta Ta Darlings!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm off to.....

The LIBRARY!!!!! I  love the library . There is always something new you can find to read.
:] Can't wait to see what I find!!!!!

I soooo wanna library like this one day!!!!
If only my library looked like the above picture my cup of joy would be completely full.
Do you like the library? Or do you find it boring?

Ta Ta Darlings!!!