Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy birthday Vellvin! : And Sisterhood.

 Today is a special day in my family. We are celebrating my li'l Si's 13th birthday. And it made me think Gosh, I remember the day she was born!  Man I am old"  Nah, not really old. :D   I hope I don't look old!  
I remember the day Vellvin was born. I was 5 and  I remember my grandmother was there with us and we went to the hospital to see her. And she was pretty, I don't remember holding her but I know I did. I sorta remember looking at her little fingers and toes.  I remember being so happy to have another little sister.  
              I remember after we had visited Mummy and Vellvin we got ice creams.  Not just ordinary ice creams special ones.  And I remember I saved mine in the freezer.   That's how special that was.
          I remember some months later when Vellvin was about 6 months old, Mummy asked me if I wanted to hold Vellvin and have a cuddle with her. I know I'd held Vellvin before  but I remember this one because Mummy took a photo of me and Vellvin. And I remember feeling so grown up.  I also love that photo of Vellvin and me.
                        I remember on my 13th birthday when Vellvin was 8  how much she enjoyed my birthday it was pirate themed and she was dressed up as a little pirate and I remember I was talking on the phone to someone  who was wishing me happy  birthday  and all my siblings came and told me to get off the phone so we could have cake and Vellvin was grabbing my legs and hugging me.   
                           I'm always surprised to read about sisters who are 5 years apart and they don't do anything together.   Vellvin and I are more than just sisters, we're best mates, we enjoy the same things.  She understands me and I understand her . I'd fight anyone who threatened to harm her.   We're soul sisters.       
                      Whats even better is that there  is not just  Vellvin and I , I have my first little sister Eden.  Shes 16 years old  and  shes gorgeous in many ways. Shes sweet  and has a very large sweet tooth. :D                                            All of us three girls, are sisters but we're bound to each other with more than just common blood. We're soul sisters.   And you know whats cool about us being a threesome?  Most movies of sisters have three sister.  :)    I look and Vellvin, Eden also love our   3 little sisters  very much.  I think how much fun there having now and how much more fun they're going to have when they're older.      Vellvin, I love you babe! Happy 13th Birthday!         

  If you have a sister tell her you love her do some things with her.  Because we don't know what tomorrow may bring we only have today.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eternally Refreshing.

Isn't this awesome and cool? I thought it was. :D
 How often do we rely on material things to help us through life, to enjoy life?   In today's society we are told if we had this , this and this, and always did this. We'll be happy, we'll be refreshed.    And you know that's wrong.  Without Jesus we'd have nothing. We'd be nothing. We wouldn't BE at all.   I know Jesus is my Saviour, I know when things seem dark and I feel like I can't do this. That He will help me through.   He loves me and He loves you too.      Jesus Christ, is all that matters in life.  He is our living water. Don't forget that.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

True Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder? If Only It Always Was.

Whats the first thing you saw when you saw the above picture?      For me it was the magazine in the little girls lap.  Second that the girl was staring at herself in the mirror as if she was disappointed with what she saw and third that  she looks about 11-13 years of age. So young.

   How many magazines out there are left right in front of little children to see and think   "Gosh, that's how I should look when I'm older!"
They are left with the impression that they will look exactly like this or that. And you know what for me that's one of the worst things a little kid can think.  Each child, each person young or old is beautiful. Is unique is beautiful.                                         And looking at this picture makes me want to take that little girl in my arms and tell her that shes gorgeous, shes beautiful and that I want to her to always try to be herself and not think off what the media or critical, hurtful; people say to her. She is beautiful, but she doesn't see that. She sees that her lips aren't so, her eyes aren't such and such and that her face is shaped wrong etcetra, etcetra and the list goes on and what is she left feeling? That she beautiful? That she is  lovely? No! She is left feeling disappointed, self conscious and ugly.  
           In our modern society the above reaction to comparing oneself to a picture from a magazine is all to common.   Children are being taught and told to wear and do things at much younger ages. Girls ( and boys to )  wearing clothing that make them look like teenagers and they behave exactly as they think teenagers should.  What age am I talking about? Oh, if we're being generous I'd like to say eight but lets say the instruction starts when they are 5.  Horrible I know. 
                             When I was 8 I only cared about finishing my school as soon as possible so as to play outside on the trampoline or ride my bike or play Pirates or Indians. Or read a book.      Yet, how may kids do those things now days? Not many lots spend their lives in front of a screen. A screen which projects them with false senses to many things not just their looks, how to act in certain situations. Which lets face it on most screen things movies/TV shows/ computer games etc  gives a wrong take or view on most things.  
                                           In short I want (and wish) the magazines in shops were children are going to be where behind the counter away from their innocent eyes.  Which is how it should be, such things which are mostly filled with evil or unloving thoughts about people should be behind the counter with the cigarettes.             Children are only children for so long and then they spend the rest of their lives as adults. I'm going to do my best to try to make the world more child friendly. How about you?

I really want to give that poor little girl a hug, snatch that magazine away from her and tell her she beautiful . That poor little kid. :(  


Monday, November 14, 2011

A Damsels Daybook 42 !!!!!!

 I decided to do this after seeing A Simple Woman's Daybook.

This is my simple Damsels version.

If you would like to   join in with me each week feel free and if you do please leave a  comment  so I can come 'visit' and see what your plans are.    Please do this as its hard for me to go to all possible blogs just to see if they have participated

Please feel free if you want to participate to use My Damsel Image.

Outside my window....... Twilight is falling. The end of a day yet still full of promise.

I am thinking about........Finishing this post, feeding my dogs, and what to do this evening.

From the kitchen..........Nothing.

I am creating .........Christmas gifts and working on a new story idea.

I am reading.........
My Bible.
Inheritance by Christopher Paolini
A Woman of the Commune by G. A. Henty
The Keeping place by Isobel Carmody

I am hearing....... Siblings talking, and a little bell tingling.

I am hoping.........  That I go well with my audition on Saturday.

I am planning.......... To try to organise my days better.

I am wearing............ Blue jeans, red Wolverine  t-shirt,  brown slip on shoes, red nail polish, bracelets , necklace and earrings. 

Around the house.......... General everyday stuff.

My wish of the week .........   That each day regardless of its trials will be a good day when I look back on it.

P. s, I have no idea why the background of my post is white!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Auditions and joy.

 First off I want to say thank you to all the comments I got on my last post: THANK YOU!!!!!

I will be auditioning for the musical "Bad Girls" its a story of a women's prison, and well all the "Bad Girls" who are in it.  Here's a link from Wikipedia on it.  I have to find a song to sing and choose which parts to audition for and try to understand the characters a bit better.  A dear friend who has been involved in this kind of stuff before has offered to give me a training session on Skype. :D  I am very excited and even if I don't get a part its a good experience and its also fun!          I know theres going to be a lot of competition, its a musical about "Bad Girls" so I 'm betting there will be TONS of other girls auditioning, you know what I don't care.   I'm just gonna do my best and enjoy the adventure and just see where it goes. It may end after the audition or it could go on longer.   Either way, I'm going to be happy and enjoy it.     
A poster of said musical

Could all you charming people please pray for me that it all goes well?   Thank you I love you all, and I really mean that. When I say I love you it means I DO love you.

 Look for a post on My Deb. Ball very soon.  :D