Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy birthday Vellvin! : And Sisterhood.

 Today is a special day in my family. We are celebrating my li'l Si's 13th birthday. And it made me think Gosh, I remember the day she was born!  Man I am old"  Nah, not really old. :D   I hope I don't look old!  
I remember the day Vellvin was born. I was 5 and  I remember my grandmother was there with us and we went to the hospital to see her. And she was pretty, I don't remember holding her but I know I did. I sorta remember looking at her little fingers and toes.  I remember being so happy to have another little sister.  
              I remember after we had visited Mummy and Vellvin we got ice creams.  Not just ordinary ice creams special ones.  And I remember I saved mine in the freezer.   That's how special that was.
          I remember some months later when Vellvin was about 6 months old, Mummy asked me if I wanted to hold Vellvin and have a cuddle with her. I know I'd held Vellvin before  but I remember this one because Mummy took a photo of me and Vellvin. And I remember feeling so grown up.  I also love that photo of Vellvin and me.
                        I remember on my 13th birthday when Vellvin was 8  how much she enjoyed my birthday it was pirate themed and she was dressed up as a little pirate and I remember I was talking on the phone to someone  who was wishing me happy  birthday  and all my siblings came and told me to get off the phone so we could have cake and Vellvin was grabbing my legs and hugging me.   
                           I'm always surprised to read about sisters who are 5 years apart and they don't do anything together.   Vellvin and I are more than just sisters, we're best mates, we enjoy the same things.  She understands me and I understand her . I'd fight anyone who threatened to harm her.   We're soul sisters.       
                      Whats even better is that there  is not just  Vellvin and I , I have my first little sister Eden.  Shes 16 years old  and  shes gorgeous in many ways. Shes sweet  and has a very large sweet tooth. :D                                            All of us three girls, are sisters but we're bound to each other with more than just common blood. We're soul sisters.   And you know whats cool about us being a threesome?  Most movies of sisters have three sister.  :)    I look and Vellvin, Eden also love our   3 little sisters  very much.  I think how much fun there having now and how much more fun they're going to have when they're older.      Vellvin, I love you babe! Happy 13th Birthday!         

  If you have a sister tell her you love her do some things with her.  Because we don't know what tomorrow may bring we only have today.



iGirl said...

AWW! So sweet! Happy birthday Vellvin!

Imogen said...

I feel so sorry for those people who don't get on with their own sisters. It's like they're turning down a great gift. I'm glad that I'm close to my three younger sisters.

Memzie said...

Sisters are SO much fun! It is heartbreaking when you hear of other sisters building canyons between each other instead of bridges.

Autumn said...

iGirl: Thank you :)
Imogen: I feel the same way! High five!
Memzie: It is very heartbreaking. sisters are awesome, wether they are related to you or what I call "adopted sisters"


Autumn Elizabeth said...

Happy (late) birthday Vellvin!! hope your birthday was awesome!! <3

<3 Autumn E.