Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm here! I've come back! Its all right!

My sincere apologies for disappearing again. I am rather good at that am I not? Anyway to cut a long story short Daddy is no longer working away he now has a job here which he is starting tomorrow. So, I have been spending a lot of time just being with him.
I have now had my blog for over a year. I think the date I started was the 16Th of June 2009 that or the 17Th. In regards to that what should I do to celebrate: host a caption contest, movie quote quiz , answer questions about myself that you ask me. I would appreciate your ideas but, please not a giveaway is totally out of the question as that is just not me.
Well, also I have become a HUGE X-men fan. My hero Dustfinger has now been kicked aside in favour of Wolverine. Poor Dustfinger.
My birthday is next Tuesday the 6Th of July and I will be *gulp* SEVENTEEN!
That means I must find some heroines and book characters who are seventeen. Do you know any?
Anyway I am planning to make out a weekly blogging schedule to help me post more often. Farwell and Adieu
Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Dangerous Weapon We All Possess.

Do you ever feel like your tongue is a dangerous weapon ,just waiting to be unleashed?

A weapon you hide often because of the damage it can cause not only to yourself but to those around you.

You try so hard not to use it and yet at the times you least expect it it pops out of its hiding place and works its damage. Or you feel like there's a barb on the end of it , just waiting to leash out and work its curse on someone. A weapon you often successfully hide to the world like a gangster hiding a gun in his coat just waiting to use it. I often feel like that I get angry I say things I don't mean to and then afterwards I feel awful as if I had just destroyed a city with a bomb or tidal wave.
I then spend time resurrecting the city that I destroyed piece by piece with great care and sorrow. And the question is , how much longer shall my secret weapon be a curse? Will it remain buried and hidden or will it show itself at the least suspecting moment?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Camp Rock!!!!!!

We recently watched Camp Rock for the first time recently, after I had wanted to watch it for ages. And it is now one of my favorite movies. It has some fantastic songs , a great cast of characters , and a wonderful sweet story which we as a family thoroughly enjoyed.

Here is a rough rundown from Wikipedia.
The story follows Mitchie Torres (Demi Lovato), an aspiring young musician who is hoping to become a professional singer. Mitchie wants to go to a music camp named "Camp Rock". Since the family can't afford the tuition, Mitchie's mother arranges to cater food for the camp, thus allowing Mitchie to attend. Mitchie tries to conceal this from her friends at camp. She is shy to sing in front of people. Spoiled brat/pop star Shane Gray (Joe Jonas) has been assigned to be in charge of dance classes for one month at Camp Rock by his bandmates Jason (Kevin Jonas) and Nate (Nick Jonas). Shane hears Mitchie singing and falls in love with the voice, but does not know the identity of the singer. Shane spends much of the film searching for the girl with the voice. Shane and Mitchie have various interactions, and, when Shane learns her identity, a romance between the two blossoms.
Although Mitchie and Shane do end up together they don't kiss or anything but hold hands ,which will be good for those who hate movies with kissing.
I found very enjoyable and thoroughly recommend it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Good Day in My Life.

I feel VERY good. I haven't fallen behind in my schoolwork all this week, and that makes me feel WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my goals for this year is to read through the entire Bible in a year . I have only 9 more chapters of 2nd Chronicles. I read 5 to 7 chapters a night and that makes me feel very close to God. Some of my siblings and I go to our monthly youth meeting tonight at 6 . I know this is very short but I am being called to help with things and get the evening going smoothly.
Farewell for now my delightful friends,
Until I post again,
Good Evening and Goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I hope to post tomoorow if all goes well.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I can be a big copy cat if I want to.

After helping Vellvin do the same post for the same reason how was I supossed to not do the same post? So here you are.

I am not afraid to admit...that I love Jesus!
I am not afraid to admit...that I love making my family laugh.
I am not afraid to admit...that I can be a total drama queen at times.
I am not afraid to admit...that I sometimes spend ages on the computer looking up pointless things.
I am not afraid to admit...that I sometimes pretend to cry to get Vellvin cranky so she'll help me with whatever I'm doing.
I am not afraid to admit...that I love going to Confession.
I am not afraid to admit...that I love saying the Rosary.
I am not afraid to admit...that I love reading.
I am not afraid to admit...that I am a big Miss Marple fan.
I am not afraid to admit...that my manners are appaling.
I am not afraid to admit...thatit takes a lot to make me embaressed.
I am not afraid to admit...that I have a bad habit of cracking my knuckles.
I am not afraid to admit...that I love musicals.
I am not afraid to admit...that I am often accident prone.
I am not afraid to admit...that I am never sick enough to be incapacatated.
I am not afraid to admit...that I am a good little vegemite. But I can sometimes be a bad egg.
Oh man!! That was fun .


Happy Birthday Myffwyn!!!!

Happy 6th Birthday Myffywyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you sooooooooooooo much . I love that I am your godmother, that you love to give everyone "pussy rubs". You are my special little sister and I love you very, very much. I pray this new year will be for you a great adventure.