Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Rock Collection.

I've always collected rocks. We would go to the beach,national park and as always we would go for walks and explore and I would collect rocks. I remember Mummy and Daddy complaining about how many rocks I brought home,to them they were worthless mere pebbles.but to me they were like jewels .

Over the years my collection has grown to an enormous hoard of rocks of all sizes. I have pebbles, river-rocks,granite, basalt,beach-stones,sharpel,but, my absolute favorite kind of rock has always been Quartz. When I was little I thought it looked like diamonds and all other sorts of jewels . I have pieces of different colours pink, white, clear, and grey.

I also have a rock that my family and I have been unable to identify it is known as "The Diamond".
For years we have had no idea what it is ,we still dont but, now that I'm older I'm wondering whether it is a piece of Tiger- Quartz.

So even though I'm 16 years old I still collect rocks. And unless I suddenly go mad, or lose the taste for it, I reckon I'll probably collect rocks even when I'm an old.
These are some pictures of my collection. I hope you enjoy looking.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Eden!

Dear Eden.

Happy 14th birthday!!!!!

May this day be everything you've dreamed of.

And even though I may not say it often I LOVE YOU!!!
And I want you to know life would be boring without You.


Saturday, July 18, 2009


Last week several of my younger siblings and I made tree-people.We did this by taking clay(and a bread knife to cut it with ) and a bucket of water to make it stick to the tree . The effect thereof was very interesting , not to mention the different types of tree-people that were made . And apart from the clay mess we got on our hands it was easy to do and very enjoyable. Graet grandughter-by Myffwyn.

Uncle Loophole.-by Rogan.

Sylvie-by Eden.

Uncle Billy- by Vellvin.

Bartholemew-by Yours Yruly.

Tom- by Corbyn.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Peter Pan the movie verses the book.

After watching the Peter Pan movie I decide to do a review.While being a very enjoyable movie full of wit ,pirates and swashbuckling it does defer greatly from the book.For one Tinkerbell does not talk at all in the book, but makes a tinkling sound,and also uses signs to communicate.

And in one part Wendy kisses Peter, hereby giving him her "kiss". As always the "kiss " concept is very confusing to grasp in the book also.Hook also flies, something he does not do in the book.There is also Mrs.Darling's aunt whom does not exist in the book.

Also Hook has a poison that is distilled from his eye instead of being a mixture of drugs and poisons and also in the book Hook puts five drops in Peter's medicine in the movie it is one. Tinkerbell then drinks the pioson to save Pan's live and thereby dies Pan then says he does believe in fairies ,his cry is the spread around the world to fairy believers who join him in his cry (most of them being in their sleep)thus bringing Tinkerbell back to life.

Wendy is also offered a position on Captain Hook's ship as a pirate something that does not take place in the book. The mermaids are actually quiet freaky (not your Disney Ariel)with webbed hands and long fingernails .

Peter is not as puffed up with himself as he is in the book.Also (thank goodness)after the Darling Children have gone to Neverland Mr. Darling does not live in the doghouse and go every where in it.

Also Skull rock does not feature at all in the movie instead the Black Castle is shown .In the long run while the movie is very different to the book it is actually far more enjoyable and mysterious and I like it better than the book.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

"The 'P' Poem-Autumn.

A Princess and a Phoenix paraded down the street . Who do you think they happened to meet? A Pirate and a Penguin (with extremely big feet!) said the Pirate to the Princess "Princess sweet, what would you prefer to eat? Pineapples, or pumpkins, plums, or pears, peaches or pie . Answer quickly or I'll die! "You sound like a piglet Pirate . I can't except any I'm on a diet " said the Princess to the Pirate. ''Princess dear never fear lean down close, give me your ear." The Princess bent down to the Penguin who spoke "how about popcorn or does it make you choke?" "Penguin dear you're very kind but I really have not got the time." said the Princess with a sigh."You both really are pinheads "said the Phoenix " the Princess and I are going to Pakistan, Princess give me your hand or I'll shove you in the sand," he grabbed her so quick it nearly made her sick "Phoenix please! Don't tell lies "said the Princess who hated saying goodbye.
Just then a Prince walked along and said to them all "good gracious me what is wrong?" "oh, good prince we have been here so long deciding what to dine and just look at the time!" said the princess with alarm who was finding it hard to keep her charm.
"What are you complaining about come to my great hall there will be food enough for us all.We'll have pork, peas, and potatoes, pumpkins, and Pluto-pups and I think that will be quite enough!" So, they went to the Prince's hall and ate and ate till they could eat no more.