Sunday, June 26, 2011

Well, its finally come. In ten days I will.....

Turn  18  *gulp*.    Yep, that big number .
The age when the world considers you an adult, even if you yourself don't quiet think you are?  Yep, that one.
The age when you can vote?
Yep, that one.
the age when you can do things like: smoke , drink, and do numerous other not to good things legally? 
Yep, that one.
The age where if your arrested you are treated , well , not like a kid anymore?
Yep that one. 

And I am soooooo excited and well, nervous.    Because what does being 18 mean?  I  hope that the year i have being 18 will be one of the best in my life.  

And now, ranting , moaning and sorting out the  bit of  a muddle in my head.

I remember thinking that when I turned 18 everything would be perfect. You know, I would be "grown up"  and Prince Charming would just drop into my lap.

But HEY!!!!!!!   It doesn't work like that. You and Prince Charming have to search for each other.
You might be lucky and meet him early in life.  He could be that nice guy you meet at a friends . Or maybe you just meet him without hardly trying to find him.

I've  realised  that even though girls I know who are even younger then me  have  just found their prince Charming , that no matter how i wish it was me it won't be.

  I'm single. And while some days I may tell myself that  "yeah, God will send me prince Charming some day".
  It doesn't always mean tomorrow.

And that at this stage in my life I have to learn how to : Hope, love and Trust . Trust that I'll be guided in what I'm supposed to do with my life, and who I'm meant to spend my life with.

  And I  believe that by trusting even a little  everything will be okay.      

Hey! I'm (nearly) 18 years old, young , single and most wonderful of all  ....... I've got my whole life ahead of me to live.      

And right now even though I feel like I'm hiding behind a haystack waiting, I hope , dream and wish that someday it'll be more like this:

A Happily ever After, with MY prince.



Gae said...

My Darling Girl,
You have so many gifts to offer the world, not just your prince that of ocurse it will not be easy. The gift you long for and work hard for most can oftern be the most treasured of all.
You just need to have faith that God has a plan that is right for you and not how others have had it happen. We are not the same and the lives we live will be different.
Your prince will come and sweep you off your feet and then you will be glad to have waited for this perfect guy FOR YOU.
With much love

Riah said...

In two days I am going to be 19!
How can you drink at 18? Legal drinking age is 21... Wait, do you live in the USA?

Anonymous said...

Your still like only a kid though really. Prince charming is still a fair bit away from you yet don't you think? And if ya did find one your a bit sweet on don't mean he's the one!
Have a good birthday!!!!! =D

Autumn said...

I am Australian. Hence when you turn 18 you are legally allowed to drink. not that I really want to .

Riah said...

Oh, makes sense!
You are so lucky to live in Australia. I've been dying to visit there!

Autumn said...

If you evr come to Australia let me know! I'm sure I'd make one heck of a tour guide.