Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Rock Collection.

I've always collected rocks. We would go to the beach,national park and as always we would go for walks and explore and I would collect rocks. I remember Mummy and Daddy complaining about how many rocks I brought home,to them they were worthless mere pebbles.but to me they were like jewels .

Over the years my collection has grown to an enormous hoard of rocks of all sizes. I have pebbles, river-rocks,granite, basalt,beach-stones,sharpel,but, my absolute favorite kind of rock has always been Quartz. When I was little I thought it looked like diamonds and all other sorts of jewels . I have pieces of different colours pink, white, clear, and grey.

I also have a rock that my family and I have been unable to identify it is known as "The Diamond".
For years we have had no idea what it is ,we still dont but, now that I'm older I'm wondering whether it is a piece of Tiger- Quartz.

So even though I'm 16 years old I still collect rocks. And unless I suddenly go mad, or lose the taste for it, I reckon I'll probably collect rocks even when I'm an old.
These are some pictures of my collection. I hope you enjoy looking.


Daddy said...


I have been thinking that it is not far away from the time when I should make you a trunk to put all your treasures in, including your rocks. All you girls should have a trunk eventually. What do you think?


rox said...

What Beautiful blog you have Autumn . I love your mum's blog as well ;-)
Thanks for sharing yopur interests .

Autumn said...

Dear Daddy.OOOOh how super!That would be great!!!
Love you a billion

Autumn said...

Dear rox .
Thank's for stopping by.I'm always happy to tell people what I'm interested in.

Kim said...

Your rock collection is awesome! I went to Uni and studied Geology, I'm 27 and still have a rock collection, as well. :D Rocks rock!

Autumn said...

Dear Kim.
That is so true.
Thanks for stopping by!