Thursday, July 2, 2009

"The 'P' Poem-Autumn.

A Princess and a Phoenix paraded down the street . Who do you think they happened to meet? A Pirate and a Penguin (with extremely big feet!) said the Pirate to the Princess "Princess sweet, what would you prefer to eat? Pineapples, or pumpkins, plums, or pears, peaches or pie . Answer quickly or I'll die! "You sound like a piglet Pirate . I can't except any I'm on a diet " said the Princess to the Pirate. ''Princess dear never fear lean down close, give me your ear." The Princess bent down to the Penguin who spoke "how about popcorn or does it make you choke?" "Penguin dear you're very kind but I really have not got the time." said the Princess with a sigh."You both really are pinheads "said the Phoenix " the Princess and I are going to Pakistan, Princess give me your hand or I'll shove you in the sand," he grabbed her so quick it nearly made her sick "Phoenix please! Don't tell lies "said the Princess who hated saying goodbye.
Just then a Prince walked along and said to them all "good gracious me what is wrong?" "oh, good prince we have been here so long deciding what to dine and just look at the time!" said the princess with alarm who was finding it hard to keep her charm.
"What are you complaining about come to my great hall there will be food enough for us all.We'll have pork, peas, and potatoes, pumpkins, and Pluto-pups and I think that will be quite enough!" So, they went to the Prince's hall and ate and ate till they could eat no more.

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Anonymous said...

*falls over laughing*
That was hilarious!!
I"m going to have to do that!!