Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Peter Pan the movie verses the book.

After watching the Peter Pan movie I decide to do a review.While being a very enjoyable movie full of wit ,pirates and swashbuckling it does defer greatly from the book.For one Tinkerbell does not talk at all in the book, but makes a tinkling sound,and also uses signs to communicate.

And in one part Wendy kisses Peter, hereby giving him her "kiss". As always the "kiss " concept is very confusing to grasp in the book also.Hook also flies, something he does not do in the book.There is also Mrs.Darling's aunt whom does not exist in the book.

Also Hook has a poison that is distilled from his eye instead of being a mixture of drugs and poisons and also in the book Hook puts five drops in Peter's medicine in the movie it is one. Tinkerbell then drinks the pioson to save Pan's live and thereby dies Pan then says he does believe in fairies ,his cry is the spread around the world to fairy believers who join him in his cry (most of them being in their sleep)thus bringing Tinkerbell back to life.

Wendy is also offered a position on Captain Hook's ship as a pirate something that does not take place in the book. The mermaids are actually quiet freaky (not your Disney Ariel)with webbed hands and long fingernails .

Peter is not as puffed up with himself as he is in the book.Also (thank goodness)after the Darling Children have gone to Neverland Mr. Darling does not live in the doghouse and go every where in it.

Also Skull rock does not feature at all in the movie instead the Black Castle is shown .In the long run while the movie is very different to the book it is actually far more enjoyable and mysterious and I like it better than the book.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree.
I really liked that movie - (I have 2 of the songs on my blog - the music is amazing!) and the acting was great.
Jeremy Sumpter did a great job!
(My little sister and I wonder how embarrassing it must have been for a 14 year old boy to go "I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!" =D)

The Never Fairy said...

Yes, the movie is pretty great for the most part. I didn't like Hook flying, for instance, but on the whole, yeah!

If you need more Pan, there's a novel out based on Barrie's own idea for more adventure. Click my name.