Saturday, July 9, 2011

Miracles, they happen.

In this day and age we are given the view that we can do things on our own.
That we don't need anyone else, that through ourselves we can achieve everything.

But, that's not true we all need someone to rely on, someone to hold and help us in times of trial, someone who understands what we're going through.
Now the obvious person to have is Jesus but Jesus works through others so by having someone , our mum , best friend spouse even.

We allow God to work in our life. We sometimes find ourselves in situations where we feel like its the end of the world and there is nothing left for us.
Its at times like this that we need to remember that miracles DO happen.

Miracles.          I suppose some people view them as old fashioned , 0ld wives tales, things of the past. That's not so. They have been blinded by the world, the greed, corruption.
Something that spoils their view of love and joy. Which is what miracles are.

Something wonderful, that is the result of love . Love which results in joy and thanksgiving.

Please pray for a miracle for Emily , who is suffering from leukemia with no response to chemotherapy .
Please pray that a miracle happens for her.    Here is a little  music video about miracles happening .   One of my all time favourites.  

Please pray for Emily.   Go to her blog and tell her your praying for her.



Gae said...

Dear Autumn,
A beautiful and caring psot.
Love Mummy

iGirl said...


Memzie said...

That was beautiful, Autumn. Very well thought out and moving. I greatly appreciate the post. It even touched me.

Autumn said...

Dear Mummy: Glad you thought so.
iGirl: Glad to hear
Memzie: Thank you.