Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Birthday ......

To my sweet , sweet sister Eden , who is  turning "Sweet 16"  today!!!!!!!
Now to  celebrate this momentous occasion her is a list of things to do while being 16.  A very , awesome age if I do say so myself  .  Okay here we go!

Number One:  Sing The Sound of Music song "16 going on 17" as often as possible. every day is good.

Number Two:   Make a dress that screams " I'm 16  your not ! Haha!!!!"

Number Three :  Get your license . Unfortunately your not allowed to drive until I have MY P plates. :D

Number Four : Drink a cup of tea every day in a teacup. Its so grown up!!!!!

Number Five :   Call everyone  " Darling or Dearest"  it makes 'em feel loved. I would know.

Number Six:   Think a beautiful thought each day before eating breakfast.

Number Seven :   Learn one of my favorite    songs to sing with  me. phantom of the Opera, but oh yeah. You'll probably be singing The Phantom's part 'cause I know you love him!!!!!!

Number Eight :  Make a list of  Cool Male Characters from books and movies. ie. Wolverine, Dustfinger, Laurie from Little Women,  Skeeter, and Anikan. Woops!!!! Thats only if you want to be killed by your  imaginary boyfriend. :D

Number Nine:  Wear your hair in rag curls , as its so Victorian!!!!!

Number Ten :  Take a break form reading just 3 series of books and read good Ladylike, Educational, soul nourishing books . ie. Pride and Prejudice, Emma and  Agatha Christie mysteries. Okay the last was a joke I don't want you to end up in rehab.

Number Eleven :   Memorize EVERY single line from ,  "Princess Diaries 1" as Princess Mia is 16.

Number Twelve :    Learn to like "Camp Rock"  better than " High School Musical" like me.

Number Thirteen :    Hang out more wid me girlfriend . Ya too awesome to be alone!!!!!  Ya gotta groove like none else that just to groovy! ( I apologize dearest,  for the way that's written . It nearly killed me to make those grammatical mistakes )

Number Fourteen:   Write a list of things that you want to do now your 16.

Number Fifteen :  Remember that even though you're now 16 I'm 18 and therefore older than you so

Number Sixteen:  Remember ... you're only 16 once so make every second count!!!!!!!!

Ta Ta Darling!


Riah said...

Awww Happy Birthday Eden! Autumn - I love number fifteen. It sounds like something I'd tell my sister (the one next to me in age). She's 14 and I'm 19 - she doesn't much like it when I pull the "older sister" card lol :)

Vellvin said...

*clap clap!!!*
Excellent list Autumn!!! So what about 13?
Yeah and Camp Rock is better than High School Musical any day!!
And the make a list of cool male characters is good too!!
Happy Birthday Eden!!