Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Magic sticks and canes.

I felt like posting something kind of amusing. And thanks to Saxon came up with this idea.   Below I shall tell a little about the cane or stick, who it belongs to , what its used for and give it a rating from 1-10.

1.Nanny McPhees stick
Nanny McPhee uses her stick to inflict punishments on the children under her care to teach them her "lessons."
Resulting in hilarious incidents. It has a really cool shape and your grandfather could never mistake it for his walking stick.   Rating: 7 out of 10

2.Gandalf's staff.
One cannot list all that Gandalf does with his staff.  He says he uses it as a walking stick and lamp of sorts . We know better.  It looks like an old tree root .  Rating 5 out of 10

3.Willy Wonka's cane.
Willy Wonka really just has his cane is not  for looks and to tap things it has a whistle built into it and who knows what else! . Its very striking looking  and  is sure to make you smile or gasp in surprise when you see it.  Rating 10 out of 10.


                                                         4.Mary Poppins umbrella.
Mary Poppins umbrella is wonderful to say the least. It has a live parrot for its handle and can pull you up in the air and make you fly. providing you with the ultimate get away car.  Its a classic black umbrella what more can we say? Rating 8 out of 10

                            5.Saruman's staff.
Saruman's staff , like himself, looks and is used for evil.
 We personally don't like it and would not recommend it ,
or Saruman to anyone.
 Rating: 0

6.Yoda's wookiee stick.
Isn't it sweet? It is homey and natural looking.  Yoda uses it as a walking stick, but, when he fights he seems to have no need of it at all!
Rating 7 out of 10

7.Beckett's walking stick.
Lord Cutler Beckett's cane is used for show and to scare people. On the tip of it he has a brand in the shape of a "p". We would say don't get this cane as you will clunk and scratch floors terribly.
Rating 6 out of 10

8.Bilbo's walking stick.
Bilbo's walking stick is used to assist him in hiking over mountains. A useful feature for any would be adventurer. One thing though it it Hobbit size.  Rating 9 out of 10



iGirl said...

Haha! That's hilarious :) I really enjoyed this post.


Vellvin said...

I love it!!!
I think maybe another reason for Beckets cane like that is amybe it could be the brand they use as well...........

Kendall said...

Ha! I like this idea. :) My favorites are Mary Poppins' umbrella (LOVE that movie) and Willy Wonka's cane (ditto). :D