Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baby Love.

Is anything sweeter then a baby?I beleive that if there were no baby's the world would be dull . Think about that no babys, no soft dimbled knees, no sweet baby breath. What a dull world it would be!! I love baby's and I love watching my siblings with baby's .Don't we all love to make them giggle ,cuddle them, and just love them The above picture reminds me of my own younger sisters with Baby sister they love to pat her , chat to her and just be with her ,that's love and if you think I'm wrong go and spend time with a baby for a few hours I'm sure your veiw will change completly. Go on love a baby for an afternoon they're so much fun!


Lady Ophelia said...
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Lady Ophelia said...

Oh, babies!!! I think they are the most beautiful, precious, gorgeous, little miracles on earth.
What would our world be without them? (I don't even want to think about it!)
I always pray for those ladies that are unable to have them, there's must be like the world mentioned above...

A baby on your lap and a book in your hand, what more could you ask for??