Friday, August 7, 2009

Christmas Day Recolections.

Christmas day is always very exciting.It is perfectly thrilling to wake up with an excited holiday mood.The next thing to do is try and be patient and wait for your parents to wake up,and having woken to then read until about 7:30. You then go and peeep in at your parents room to see if they'er awake you the go back to bed to read.Eventually your mother taking pity on you and all your siblings long wait gets up and tells you and everyone alse you may get up and get ready.

For the excitment yto begin , and because it is tradition in your family to go to "Midnite Mass"to celebrate Baby Jesus' birth you don't have to worry about wearing church clothes and going to Mass in the morning.You and your siblings go down to the family room and kitchen to eye off the tree with the gifts underneath , and the season's table but, you are not allowed inthe loungroom to openyour bags until Mummy plays the music box(which is a pretty new tradition) as a signal to go in . Then the rush to be as near your own bag as possible , but however much you want to you can't touch your bag until its your turn to open up your bag.

And oh!The things everyone gets your sister the doll she wanted , your brother the bow and arrows he had dreamnt of for months and oh all the other goodies and then....Finaly its your turn! And you do get it your patiance and dreaming were worth it for in your bag you find a........Four gigabite sony Mp4 Ipod and ........It can play movies.
The day is plesent , after the Christmas bags everyone compares gifts and trys out their things.And then the tree .Your face is a wreath of smiles as everyone opens their gifts. And after that ,Christmas dinner.Chicken ,Pork ,baked Potatoes and gravy, and other vagatables . The afternoon is spent laziely your Dad naps and your mother might and your siblings try out everything you have.
Tea is easy left overs and christmas ham on toast.Yum! The evening is spent together probably watching a movie somone got . And when you go to bed even though Christmas day is over .You still know there are 12 more days of christmas to look forward too. You close your eyes ,today was good.


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