Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Mummy!!!!!!

Dear Mummy.
Happy Birthday!! I love you like crazy cakes!!!
I love it when you tell me what a good job I've done,when you and I have a "chic flick", when I get to give you breakfast in bed, when you ask me to make you a coffee, when you buy ham,when you go on a walk with me, when we collect acorns and shells together,when you try to say you "know nothing " but give it away with your eye's. You are precious and absolutely the most perfect mum anyone could want. I LOVE YOU LIKE CRAZY CAKES!!!!! These are the things I wish I could really give you(especially the Cadbury stuff and Rose candles)
Love your daughter

1 comment:

Gae said...

I love you like Crazy Cakes too.
Thank you for this lovely post.
I will have a lovely day with you all