Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I love you like crazy cakes.

I love this book!! It is totally sweet, enjoyable and plus its a true story. It is about a young woman who decides to adopt a baby girl from China she writes to officials in China asking for a baby she gets a reply and a picture of the baby girl. She flies to China and is given her little baby and (this is the beautiful and sad part) both the young woman and baby girl cry when they see each other.
The now young mother takes the baby back to the hotel and puts hats on her and takes pictures of her she then goes on to say that she "was falling in love".
She then says that when she put her baby to bed she whispered in her ear "I love you like crazy cakes ". They then travel home and the young mother says that the baby "Charmed the flight attendants and slept like an angel" .
When they arrive the grandparents aunts uncles cousins and friends show up with gifts and their love. The mother says that the baby cried when she wasn't in her arms and after all the family had gone the mother rocked the baby to sleep.
And after she does that(and this is the part where my mother gets all teary eyed) she cries she cries for the baby's Chinese mother who could not keep her and she writes that she hoped that the baby's Chinese mother knows somehow that her baby is safe and loved like crazy cakes.


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