Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This the first part of a science fiction novel I'm writing please tell me what you think.


The Professor smirked finally his lifetime creation was finished at last he would be able to travel to Pluto and see if any life forms existed on it for if there were with their help he would conquer the world and maybe eventually the Universe!’’haha Harrison !’’ he screamed ‘’you were wrong when you bet with me in collage that I would not be able to build a machine that would travel through space at the speed of 3 million light years a second! Now hopefully I will conquer the world!’’ he then cackled laughing like a madman ‘’oh, finally after all these years ‘’ The Professor gloated, ‘’ victory shall be mine!’’
At A.A,S.I.A ( alien and space investigators America) Agent Harrison stretched rubbed his eyes and continued writing his report that was due tomorrow morning it was on some case from three weeks earlier on a supposed alien invasion on some small town in North Carolina that A.A.S.I.A. had proved was a fake ( A.A.S.I.A. being in that case Agent Harrison) at that moment Agent Harrisons’ secretary ( and partner ) Agent Robertson walked in holding a clipboard that had Agent Harrison’ timetable for the day on it . ‘’Harrison ,’’ she interrupted him trying not to annoy him to much ‘’The Boss is waiting in the lobby room for you to come so he can start the weeks meeting .’’ she added ‘’ you better hurry , he’s starting to look quite agitated.’’
Agent Harrison found the start of the meeting quite dull there was the usual discussion about the success of major cases the agency had recently had and how the new employees they had hired recently were going , and at the end of the meeting their was the big news. The Boss stood up. He took a glass of water, drank it then spoke.’’Employees of A.A.S.I.A.’’ He began , ‘’I know that you are all waiting for then big news , so I will not use fancy words . As you know the amount of Aliens that have been emigrating to Earth has boomed in the last year rising from a mere 4% every six months too 10 %. ‘’ He paused took a look at all his employees and continued. ‘’ We have received reports that the Professor is at it again .He is at this moment preparing to take a spaceship to Pluto to convince all the Aliens to come with him to our planet Earth and help him with some big thing.’’ He paused for breath ‘’Now we have received further reports that he is in New York city , were he is we don’t know but I have talked to my colleges and we have agreed who should go and find The Professor and bring him to the authorities ‘’ He paused for affect ‘’ Agent Harrison and his assistant Agent Robertson shall go.’’
The room erupted in cheers , for Harrison was one of A.A.S.I.A ‘ s number one men .He had been successful in all his cases and always tried his hardest to do his best .Once everyone had finished cheering Harrison stood up ‘ ‘ ah, thanks Boss ‘’ he said in a hesitant voice ‘ ‘ but are you sure that you want me? I mean its not like I don’t want to go but what about the new employees ? Don’t you need me to help you train them?’’ ‘ ‘ Harrison ‘ ‘ said The Boss ‘ ‘ your the only one out of my number ones who is free to go on this mission and the only one who has had any dealings with The Professor and because of that you are the natural choice . What do you say now about this mission Harrison ?’’ finished The Boss ‘ ‘ I say let it rip Boss ‘ ‘ everyone turned towards the voice . Who was speaking? ‘‘Robertson?’’ asked The Boss ‘ ‘ Is that how you really feel about this mission ?’’ ‘ ‘ Of course Boss ‘ ‘ answered Robertson ‘ ‘ We all know Harrison loves a good adventure . And this one promises to be a real thriller.” “ Very well Robertson ‘ ‘ answered Harrison ‘ ‘ If you say so we’ll go “ “Yeah !’’ said The Boss ‘ ‘ that’s what I like to hear!’’


Siminy said...

ten interruptions later and I finish reading it.... It's good. Very good.

Lady Ophelia said...

I like it, you have done a good job. I wouldn't even try doing a Sci-Fi story.

Autumn said...

Thank you both soooooo much!!
Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you!
Your praise has filled me with renewed effort to want to write more very soon.
Again thank you.