Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Lady Of Shallot Picture.

Okay, so its another lady of shallot post. I know, but I am going to point out why I love this picture. The first time I saw it was at one of my great aunts house it was gorgeous!!! I remember Mummy locking at it with me and telling me it was the lady of shallot. I love it because of the somber colours in the background that make it look like a gloomy mysterious place full of secrets. I love it because of the crucifix at the prow of the boat (doesn't that point out she was Catholic) I love it because of the lady of shallots dress its sooo nice the trimmings, the girdle at her waist, the wreath on her head.And also doesn't it look like someone has helped her see how the cushions are arranged at her head so she may lay comfortably and the quilt to make it soft and even a little warm. See the swallows in the left corner even in at her dying hour Gods beauty in nature is nearby.And see the chain in her right hand shes still holding it from casting her boat and at the front "The Lady Of Shallot " is painted .I also love it 'cause her hair is red.(I Love red hair!) Also are the things on the quilt the people she has seen through her mirror. THAT's why I love This painting by John William Waterhouse . its so perfect.



Izori said...

I love red hair, too! Sometimes my hair *looks* red, but it really isn't.

That Lady of Shallot picture is really pretty. It looks like it's right out of a story.

Lady Ophelia said...
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