Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy 20th Birthday Kynan!!!!!

Dear Kynan
Happy 20th Birthday!!!
Its hard to believe that you are the first out of us kids to leave your teen years behind forever.
And yet today I've been thinking that even though your body and your birth certificate SAY you're 20 that doesn't mean that at heart you are.
I know I hardly ever say it and that often I just take you for granted and think that it doesn't matter but , today I think I should say it
You're a super big brother and today I am reminded of all the times you've done things with me ,playing board games with me,when I was littler reading to me , playing in the mud and puddles, and all the times we have done things together.
And I don't have a present to give you but,I am making your birthday dinner tonight my speciality that you chose for your birthday meal homemade pizza so, do you reckon that counts as my present to you ?
Love your first little sister


The Editrix said...

Happy (late) Birthday!

Miss Eden said...

Happy late Birthday Kynan !
Sorry that I did not do a post.

Love your youger sister