Saturday, May 29, 2010

Help please.

Well this is totally random and the truth of the matter is I need your help .
Yes, my delightful blogging people your help. I am totally ( currently at least) out of ideas for blog posts so please comment and tell me your ideas. Please, pretty please, I'll give you a chocolate (not). Your help would be vastly appreciated.


Autumn said...

Hmmm... Let me think... How about- uhhh... This is hard. Oooh! My post idea for the day was to post about movies and/or books that spoke something special to me. That had a hidden message. You could do that too! :) Hope that helped!


oceanheartcp said...

I know.....

You could do posts on:

School-work, sports, your own hobbies, things you would really like, favorite things, cool photos, do a post on something you think is cool or fun etc., something your good at, something that really interests you, something totally random and something you think is weird.

Hope this helps.

Love, Annie.