Monday, June 29, 2009

Why I love ''The Lady of Shallot''.

I have always liked the Lady of Shallot.I remember watching ''Anne of Green Gables" and listening to Anne reciting The Lady of Shallot as She was in Mr.Barry's skiff and wondering what she was reciting .

I also remember my mummy reading the poem aloud to me and my siblings and finally hearing all of it and loving it,the words captivated me,the old words , and also having King Arthur and all of Camelot in there made it seem all the more magical .

As I got older, I remember taking a big book of Tennyson up too my room and reading the Lady of Shallot to myself , keeping it up their for several months.I also remember coping a picture of Tennyson himself because I loved his poem so much .

As I got even older I memorised the poem loving the expression in words and the scenes and places that they took me . I have pretended to be Elaine (The Lady of Shallot's name) flowing down too Camelot.

And that's why I love ''The Lady of Shallot''. And I also wonder are their any other girls out their who love passionately and wholeheartedly ''The Lady of Shallot"?



Anonymous said...

You've got one here, girl!
That's been one of my favorites ever since I saw 'anne of Green Gables' for the first time! :)
Now I've grown up a LOT more, but it's still one of my favorites, because I Love fantasy and King Arthur, not to mention the pictures that come with the poems, :) (love yours! It's John William Waterhouse, right?) it's such an entrancing poem!

Anonymous said...

Am I right in guessing you got your name from the Avonlea TV shows?
Story Girl, like Sarah?

Autumn said...

Dear Earwen.
Yes it is , John William Waterhouse.I've always loved it even as a small girl.And yes I did partly get my name from the Avonlea TV shows, but also because I'm always telling and making plots and stories out of the smallest and unimportant things . I also think "Storygirl" is almost a knickname for myself.I love stories!

Daddy said...


You are doing really well with this, but I wondered if you might tell people who the author of the poem is?



Daddy said...

Ok, I see it there now!