Saturday, October 15, 2011

Musician's and songs I like. Part Four : Avril Lavaigne

Avril Lavaigne, you either think her musics awesome or you think it is the worst sound on the planet.  I am one of those people who belong in the former category . I consider her music awesome!  Also her vocals are very unique I think.

Out of all her songs my  two  favourites  would have to be   "When You're Gone "    and "Keep Holding On."

The first one, "When you're gone" is sad , and sweet.   It speaks about how much  this one person is missed soooo much by Avril . And how She never realised how much she loved him till he was gone.
Here it is:  "When You're Gone."

 The second one "Keep Holding On"   is about never giving up and holding on to dreams and always trying.  My favourite line out of it is  "What ever  is meant to be , will work out perfectly." Beautiful no?     Here is the music video for "Keep Holding On"

So, Do you like Avril Lavaigne?   Do you like either of the above songs?  Which is your favourite(s)  song (s) of hers?



Vellvin said...

I love her song "Keep holding on" but thats pretty much it :)

Imogen said...

Hi Autumn, I've just awarded you the stylish blogger award. Please check my blog for the details.

the girl named Bleah said...

Yessss my last name is Patterson, and I'm probably the ONLY Bleah you'll find on facebook. :p


Cubette said...

avril is one of my favorite artists!

awesome post!