Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Stylish Blogger Award

Imogen over at Dancing Dragonflies awardeed me with "The Stylish Blogger Award"

The rules for this award state that I must share 7 things with you all, so here we go!

  1. I adore music, but pop is my favorite kind. 
  2. I love my jeans! Jeans rock my world!
  3. I often trip over my own feet. 
  4. I think chocolate should be a food group of its own.
  5. It should be a 36 hour day so we can have about 12 of just pleasure.
  6. I love Facebook, like a lot.
  7. I think some rich lonely millionaire is just waiting to make me their heir. ( I wish)
And now, to pass the award onto five blogs that I love to  read. :)

  1.  Autumn  at  " An Autumn Day"  her posts are like a breathe of fresh air. Plus we share the same name so whats not to like?
  2.    Bleah at   "Where Love Abounds"  Seriously this girl rocks!  I love her blog1
  3. Riah and Lys at " Polka dots and Moonbeams"  these two fair maidens are best friends and share  a blog . Their posts range from sweet to humorous. Always a pleasure to read.
  4.  Vellvin at   " An Irish Maiden " my li'l sisters blog is lovely. She posts from her heart and thats what I love about her blog.
  5. iGirl at    "iDream "   her posts a like gems very precious and a joy to read.  I also love that she loves Demi   Lovato, like me. 
There ya go!   I  have  completed this award   and passed it on .  I hope you enjoyed reading this post.



Vellvin said...

Thanks Autty!! :)

Riah said...

Thanks for giving us this award! We'll try and work on it soon :) We feel very honored!

iGirl said...

Thanks Autumn!! That's so sweet of you :) Jeans are pretty awesome :D