Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just to let you know..........

 I shall be removing the blog 'Feeling Feminine" from my sidebar.   I don't read it often , I don't agree with some of the things they say. I do agree that women should be feminine and dress  as temples of the Holy Spirit, but I don't agree with a lot they say, henceforth.  I shall be removing it.  So, if you like it and don't have the URL of it ,get it now . It will be gone from my blog soon.
My site, my right.



Anonymous said...

So the whole world needs to know this do they? Why not just remove it. I am sure if people read the blog they would already have the URL.
You are really weird...I have to write a blog post to let people know I am removing a blog from my sidebar!!!

If you do not agree with something are you always going to let the world know about it? There is a lot out there that people don't agree with, but you have to live with it!!

If you are going to remove it from your sidebar why not write up a post saying what you do/don't agree with the site, maybe why you do/don't agree with it. At least that would make a more interesting post.

I suppose you are getting rid of it because it makes you feel guilty? Because these girls do things you know you should do, but don't.

If you agree with being feminine and dressing like a temple of the Holy Spirit, why in your "Damsel's Daybooks" under 'I am wearing?'are you always in pants? I don't agree that women should always wear skirts and dresses, but I also don't agree that girls wear pants all the time or a majority of the time, especially if they state that they agree girls should be feminine and dress like temples of the Holy Spirit.

Why don't you try and write about something that is important and interesting for once. All you ever write are short posts on pointless things. Why don't you start up a site writing about things for young girls today? Things to read, ponder and do.

Take some of this into consideration, it might help.

Gae said...

Having never seen a comment fom you on my daughter's blog I would wonder why you feel the need to leave such an uncharitable comment now.

Obviously you have been by before otherwise you would not have commented on her so 'boring and uninteresting blog'
However why would you continue to visit if you find nothing to inspire?

I am also wondering where in the 'blogging code of posts ' that all blog posts have to be long and only appeal to one type of reader.
Some of us have many and varied interests and don't expect to have to appeal to everyone every single time we write something.

Having never read anything you have written either, I can only assume you have such intersting and noble things to write about, that everyone agrees with ALL the time.
What a blessing you must be to those who know you. Most of us are still working on this!!

Having read Autumn's Damsels Daybook you may read that she wears jeans on this day but you have no idea what she wears on other days.
I believe you have no idea what she wears mostly and that she is indeed an exmple of true femininity.

As this is her blog she can write what she likes and while she does not agree with everything on Feelinge Feminine, (what that is does not need to be expressed) I am sure she NEVER left such a snide or uncharitalbe post over there.

Why should she not be able to say 'I don't agree with something?' That is called being proactive in your convictions, and while you object to her saying this you are quite comfortable in you snide little comments here.

Dressing like a 'temple of the Holy Spirit,' means modesty in dress and manner and the inner spirit. I have seen some very imodest dresses and I have seen very modest girls dressed in pants.

I beleive your spirit is very condeming and you need to find something more spiritual to do with your time rather than judging someone as to feeling 'guilty ' because she does not agree with everything on another blog.

Freya perhaps having written this you would be courageous enough to identify your self (where can we read your truely inspired writing on femininity and the love of Christ and his charity to others) and your own opinions as a handmaiden of the Lord.

From an honoured and blessed mother to children growing in Love, humility and service of the Risen Lord.

Autumn said...

First of all this is MY blog! If I want to post about something I will regardless of what somone else thinks!
If I don't agree with something and I think its important enough of course I will make it known.
I don't agree with abortion and you're saying I should just live with that! I won't , I want to change the world as I am able within the scope God gives me and if my disagreeing with other people is going to do that - so be it.

I don't have to tell YOU why I choose to delete something .
I am not deleting it because I feel guilty I stated my reasons, but I don't have to tell you exactly why.

I was in fact just being polite in giving people an option if they go through my blog to another is known to happen!!!

You have obviously read my blog really well. Haven't you? To come to the conclusion that I wear pants often. But you don't acually know do you?
I am ME! I beleive that just because you wear a skirt every day, that doesn't make you a 'good girl.' Or that if you wear jeans you're a 'bad girl.'
Modesty is not just associated with clothes but, in manner and spirit.
So although you state "I don't agree that women should always wear skirts and dresses, but I also don't agree that girls wear pants all the time or a majority of the time, especially if they state that they agree girls should be feminine and dress like temples of the Holy Spirit" you obviously think based on one post a week and the fact I state I wear pants gives you the right to form an opinion and judge me based on that!

So exactly why are you judging me?
Aren't we told "Judge not and you shall not be judged."?

I suppose for some people the old saying is true "clothes maketh the man."
Also if my parents had anything wrong with my dress sense I would listen to them and respect them as the Bible says I should.

I will post what I want post about when I want to post about how I want to post about it. This is MY blog. Mine not yours.
What I post about will be different to what you post about. I am me.
And I thank God for making me ME!

I agree with everything my mother has said.
I find it cowardly that you would make a comment on something without revealing who you are and would wonder WHY this post is so interesting to you!

Owner of THIS blog, sincere follower of Christ.

Anonymous said...

I entirely agree with Freya!

You call Freya a coward, but you're Mummy has to come on and defend you!?!

I don't think I will be visiting this blog again.

Gae said...

I often leave comments on my daughters blog, if you care to look.
I suggest you think about what a coward is, as you are defending Freya yet you do not belive I have the right to express my own opinion about annonymous people leaving offensive remarks on my daughters blog.

It is a pity that such a small courtesy blog post can invoke such ridiulous responses about the right to express personal opinions on a persons OWN blog
I do believe that is what a blog is all about....expressing of your own opinion.

And for the record family loyalty is a trait we encourage in our family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Autumn said...

The fact that you feel compeled to tell me that you won't visit my blog again fills me with dispair..... NO NOT REALLY. I have never heard from you before and you have never commented before so your never visiting again doesn't affect or offend me in the slightest.

My mother however comments often on my blog, and has raised me and nurtured me my whole life therefore it is not strange that I should say that 'I agree with everything my mother has said'.
I am quite capable of defending myself physically , mentally and emotionally but, I would never have thought I needeed to justify my actions or defend them on my very on blog!

Also my mother is my mother and therefore as her child it is perfectly natural for her to be offended when I am and try to assist me with any problems I may have.
I also repeat MY SITE MY RIGHT!!!

I also see you haven't adressed any of my own comments but just start to attack the fact that my Mother 'dared' to comment on my blog in my defence.

~ Autumn.

The Editrix said...

How sad and ridiculous. Doesn't this person have anything better to do with his or her time?

*Sighs*. :-(

On a happier note, I just wanted to let you know that I did ADD today.

Autumn said...

Thnk you for your sweet comment Elise. And thank you soooo much for doing ADD!

cat692 said...

Autumn, I just came upon this blog today, and scrolling through your posts (which are very interesting indeed!) I noticed this one. I have the same feelings about the Feeling Feminine blog. It is very sad to me when people comment on other people's blogs with very nast, rude, or unkind comments. As for your mom: Right on! You are awesome!

Autumn said...

Dear Katrinka,
Thank you for such a nice comment . To know someone really likes my posts and shares the same few on something as me makes me very happy. Thanks for calling my Mum awesome , she really is.
I hope you comment in future.
~ Autumn.