Saturday, December 4, 2010

If you please.......

Could you please follow and comment on my younger siblings blog. They would love to know people other than family are reading and responding to their posts.  Here    is their blog.
Thank you soooooo much.



Miss Laurie said...

Of course, what fun! I do enjoy reading all of the blogs your family members have. Their blogs looks very sweet! :)

Claretta said...

Sure thing. Do they write it themselves or does someone help them? I have a little brother named Corban too, only we call him Toby. :)Not sure why or how he got the nickname just one of those things.

Autumn said...

Claretta, it all depends on thier age. rogan will write out a post but then has to have his spelling checked, and the others dictate.
Another little corbyn?!?! Wow!
I also really like the name Toby. :D
~ Autumn.