Friday, December 24, 2010

My dear people,

I wish to inform you of something very exciting and important I am doing ,
at the time this is published I will be going or maybe be at or even just leaving for "Midnight Mass."
There is something , magical about midnight Mass, going in the middle of the night to church, seeing the lights on people's houses as we go, the church's windows all lit up,
the magical feeling I get as i go inside the church itself. And the heart of the Christmas story which seems to really  come alive this night, not that it doesn't at any other time ,but that I really feel as if there are hundreds and thousands of angels in church, all singing.
Midnight Mass is a tradition in my family, I've never gone to church any other time other then midnight on Christmas Eve. I love it.



iGirl said...

Have fun!

Autumn said...

I am/will !!!!!

Gae said...

Dear Autumn,
I love it too
Love Mummy

Claretta said...

I never been to midnight mass, but I've heard it is wonderful. Hope it was nice.