Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Favorite Heroines # 1: Anne Shirley. Prt. One.

Hello all! I shall be doing a series of posts called 'Favorite Heroines. It will be posts about my favorite heroines from movies. Some of the posts will be in several parts, like this one. My first part on Anne Shirley. I hope you enjoy them.

How would you feel if you had never known a family or love ?
Imagine how Anne Shirley felt.

Anne , don't you love her smile?
Orphaned from babyhood she has lived with many people but has never had a 'home' as they only keep her for the work she does for them.   She's been in and out of orphanage's all her life and at thirteen dreams of a home where she'll be loved .    She has no friend but her reflection whom she calls 'Katie.'  

Anne and Marilla.
She eventually is adopted by an elderly couple who are brother and sister, Matthew and Marilla Cutthbert .    She makes a friend the same age, Diana Barry, with whom she walks to and from school each day and  they also become 'bosom friends.'
Anne at school trying to ignore Gilbert.
At school a boy Gilbert Blythe calls Anne 'carrots' hinting to her red hair she hates. She becomes angry and breaks her slate over his head.   So we see she has a fiery temper, not her best character trait.    She says she will never talk to Gilbert again.  

Anne with Diana.
At sixteen Anne has big dreams,  to become a teacher and marry the man of her dreams.      She still however likes   to have fun and dream and imagine.     She and her girl friends decide to reenact Tennyson's the Lady of Shallot, with Anne playing Elaine.    She is pushed out in the boat which when it reaches the middle of the pond , sinks. She nearly drowns but, is saved by the person she she would rather had not come along...... Gilbert Blythe!!!!!!!!                 After her rescue she agrees to be friends.
Anne after being rescued by Gilbert.

Next Anne goes to college to become a teacher.    After her graduation , when back on holiday Matthew dies.    Anne and Marilla draw very, very close after Matthews death.   Without Marilla  knowing Anne decides to do her courses by correspondence and teach in the next towns school.
Gilbert however arranges with the trustees to allow him and Anne to switch schools so she may be closer to Marilla.

Gilbert comes and tells Anne of the exchange, she is very grateful to him and he tells her that the only reason  he ever called her 'carrots' was because he wanted to meet her so much.       They walk off holding hands.
Finally friends!



Vellvin said...

I love it!!
I hope you will do more soon!


Anna Maria said...

I like Anne and think her character is shown clearly in the books and the movie. I love Gilbert!

I look forward to more Favouite Heroines.

KJM101 said...

Autumn, I think that is a nice story. First that Anne hates Gilbert and then Gilbert comes again and rescues Anne when she's 16. Matthew died and Marrila and Anne always draw close. Then they switch schools so she may be closer to Marrila, nice story. Well you better write more stories as I say if you can.

Autumn Elizabeth said...

Eep! I absolutely love the whole 'Anne' series of books! It so sweet and romantic, and I can't get over how exactly the same Anne Shirley and I are!! =D It's so cool, it's almost scary!! Hehe!