Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spring! Spring! Spring! Spring!

In honour of the start of this gorgeous season I post my favorite song from one of the most awesome musicals of all time: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and the song "Spring!" Enjoy!!!!!!



Gae said...

Dear Autumn,
I agree
I hope we have the most awesome Spring Ever
Love Mummy

Riah said...

I love Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! It's great...
It is so weird to hear you talk about Spring when we're just now entering fall! :)

Autumn Elizabeth said...

Such an odd feeling this gives me, knowing you're rejoicing for spring, whilst I'm slipping into the fall. :)


Autumn said...

Mum: I hope Spring is awesome too.
Riah: Its awesome that you love that movie.
Autumn: lol I bet its weird.