Friday, September 16, 2011

"Hold on to my Cross"

In this day and age there are so many things we  are told are important: money, jobs, power and that they will bring us happiness. And if we are sad or discontent  we must search for something else to have or get.   We see the effects of  people who follow this creed, this way of life.
    People who have money , positions of power and the ability to help others using all these blessing for their own selfish gain and always wanting more never being content.
 Always searching , and trying everything to fill the hole in their hearts but, they find nothing.  For these things are temporary THINGS they cannot bring us full contentment.
                      And when we are blessed to have numerous blessings that can help others we MUST be thinking "I have so much! What can I give/do/etc. to make help someone's life get better? To give them a sense of worth."                            But, then we are told that 'Every one must stand on their own feet.'  ' Everyone has to do it themselves'   'Why should you give them help?What have they done for you' 'Why would you want to do that' 'What will people say.'
And all these negatives comments fill us with unsureness  in our future and in what we should be doing with all these blessings of ours, material  and immaterial.
                            And the truth is we must often just follow our gut instinct, trust our feelings , listen to our heart and most importantly , to hold on to the Cross. "Cause in the end that's all that matters. For without the sacrifice that Jesus made for  us we would have : Nothing.  

Hold on to the Cross. At times its gonna be tough, our hands may slip, our hearts may falter and we may question and even doubt. But, Jesus remains the same.   "Hold on to my Cross" He says " I'll help you carry your burdens, trials and troubles. I love you."