Monday, September 19, 2011

A Damsels Daybook 37 !!!!!!!!!!

 I decided to do this after seeing A Simple Woman's Daybook.

This is my simple Damsels version.

If you would like to  join in with me each week feel free and if you do please leave a comment  so I can come 'visit' and see what your plans are.    Please do this as its hard for me to go to all possible blogs just to see if they have participated

Please feel free if you want to participate to use My Damsel Image.

Outside my window.......A new day! What shall it bring. The swallows are feathering their nest.

I am thinking about.........LOTS of stuff! I don't want to think about what I'm thinking right now.

From the kitchen..........Food. :)

I am creating .........Christmas gifts and working on a new story idea.

I am reading.........
My Bible.
Rangers Apprentice: Halt's Peril by John Flanagan
Dawn Wind by Rosemary Suttcliff
Scarf Jack by  ( I don't remember)
A Woman of the Commune by G. A. Henty

I am hearing....... Siblings, footsteps, talking. General household noise.

I am hoping.........  That I remember to spend time with my family as much as possible remembering how much they love me.

I am planning.......... To not interfere and voice my opinions when they aren't wanted.  I keep on getting into trouble with this.

I am wearing............ Comfy clothes today: Blues jeans, red long sleeved shirt, a lovely soft woolen jumper (sweater), slip on shoes  and jewellery. Does red nail polish count as something  you wear?

Around the house..........  Preparation for our holiday away. We leave on Friday night and shall be away about 18 days.  While we are away I shall be making my Debutante ball!!!  My darling Mummy has almost finished my dress. Pictures after our holiday!   I may schedule posts, maybe not. I probably will schedule a handful at least.

My wish of the week .........   That I treat each day as a gift from My Heavenly Father, who loves me more than I can ever fully understand.

Ta Ta Darlings!!!


Riah said...

I can't wait to see your dress!

Vicky said...

This is a lovely, peaceful post, Autumn! I hope you enjoy your debutante ball and your holiday. God bless:)

Autumn said...

Riah: I shall look forward to showing pictures of it.
Vicky: Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. I'm sure it will all be wonderful.