Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Musician's and songs I like. Part One : Taylor Swift ,

 I have never met anyone who hates Taylor Swift.  I personally find her songs very inspiring and moving, lyricly and instrumentally.  However I don't beleive you could get a group of 5 people in the same room and get them to agree on which of Taylor Swift's songs is the best.   I personally can't actually choose!    i like 'Enchanted' ,'Love Story' 'Haunted ' , 'Today was a fairy Tale' and this one 'You Belong With Me.'

You Belong With Me is very special to me as its the first Taylor Swift I remember hearing and I like the vibe and meaning of the song. Simple yet, powerful in both words, music and visualality.     Taylor Swift is ver talanted and unique in every aspect of her career.    

Here is the official music video.      
 What do you think? Do you like Taylot Swift? Which song inspires you? Do you have a favourite?  What do you like most about her music?  

 P.s.  Plus, isn't her blonde hair gorgeous!


Imogen said...

Hi Autumn, I've tagged you for a book meme on my blog. Here's the link: I hope you can join in.

Vellvin said...

I LOVE her!!!! :D :D
As you know :P

Abby said...

Ooh yes, I really enjoy her music! Her hair is absolutely gorgeous, too :) My favourite song of hers is hard to choose...but I really like Enchanted, along with many others. I agree, I find her music really inspirational - her lyrics are always meaningful and heartfelt, and she's definitely a very talented young singer/songwriter. Looking forward to Part Two!


Autumn said...

Imogen: Thanks a bunch!!!!
Vellvin: I know you do.
Abby: I'm glad you enjoyed this post and am glad you are looking forward to part Two. Taylor Swift is VERY talented. I hope she keeps writing music for forever!