Monday, August 29, 2011

Natural Health : You know you want it.

Recently my dearest Mummy, asked me to read "The Young Lady's guide To Natural Health" by Mrs. Graham" and to give my opinion of it.
 Its a short instructional book with fabulous , practical advice.
There are five chapters within this e-book.
they are

1. A Healthy Mind
2.Nature's Doctors
3. Diet
4. Caring For your Body
5.Your Changing Body.

The first part is on the mind, Mrs. Graham says that "If we allow negative thoughts and feelings to take over, they will undo all our physical work. They are so powerful that they can toxify the body as much as anything in our physical world."  Mrs. Graham says that when ever possible we should be doing away with music , TV etc. And read good wholesome books, relaxing music and watch things that are morally uplifting.    I could see this as something very important and  use full as I know from experience that a variety of things are much more fun for me than the same thing(s) over and over again.
 Mrs. Graham gives excellent advice on how to make  a good start to your day, she says " Before rushing off to all the day's activities, take a few minutes to quiet  yourself and pray, meditate and see in your mind a perfect day. Now do what you can to make your day look like the one you 'saw' in your mind! Ask yourself 'What can I do today to make my  life truly wonderful?' "   I'm not so sure about this as I like my day to be a surprise present , full of wonder and mystery. but, again they are good points to know of.
 Mrs. Graham recommends on ending the day in a peaceful and relaxing manner. She suggests on keeping a journal on everything good we did that day and to also write down  "Five things you are grateful for." Mrs. Graham says that 'After saying your prayers put on relaxing music, scriptures, or one of those subliminal , 'mind training' Cd's available and say to yourself 'No matter what happens I am always safe' This puts you in a peaceful state of mind that will stay with you all night while you sleep"   I can understand  this as I know if I go to bed upset, sad or cross I won't sleep peacefully and will (probably ) wake up feeling worse.
Mrs. Graham says that fresh air is most important as it "purifies our blood and gives life to our bodies."   Mrs. Graham says that we should take several deep breaths first thing in the morning and last thing at night . She also advices us to allow fresh air to flow through our house and to allow air to flow through our bedrooms as this provides air to sleep well.     Hence, why I hate being in a crowded stuffy room   it is soooooo not invigorating for me.     

 Mrs. Graham tells us that without the sun life would be impossible. It creates Vitamin D and makes us feel good.    It does indeed, on a sunny day everything seems bright and cheerful . But, on a cloudy day I don't feel so joyous.
Also , Exercise. We must get some exercise everyday as lymph (a clear fluid whose vessels are purified by the heart) cannot move without the help of muscles . And that is why it is vital to we exercise for half an hour each day, to move our lymph.      I know for a fact that when I exercise I sleep better, think better and just have a sense of general well being.                         

On  diet Mrs. Graham says that a Japanese proverb says "stop when you are eighty percent full."   Overeating food because its tasty is bad and must  be stopped. Mrs. Graham says 'chewing food slowly and enjoying each bite instead of rushing through a meal helps food be better absorbed into the body."  And we should eat as much green stuff as possible. Because greens are excellent blood purifiers and have  tons  of nutrients in them. She also tells us what food  to avoid and what we should substitute instead.      This was excellent advice. I love greens , and indeed all food in general so this shall be remembered by me most faithfully.                     

Mrs. Graham also recommends  not eating after a certain time in the evening to aid digestion. And to drink Water! Water! Water! (thankfully) I love water. Mrs. Graham says that certain fabrics prevent the skin from breathing and build up static electricity which makes us feel nervous.   Yes, I would rather sleep well than have indigestion. not , that I've ever had it.   And certain fabrics do can make me feel unsettled.

Mrs. Graham gives practical advice on hair care, tooth care and skincare and provides us with a few recipes to try. Also given are practical eye care tips, which are easy to use and highly beneficial .                             Mrs. Graham also talks on a girls changing body and how to assist in caring for it.    These ideas where most interesting. I wasn't I fan of the tooth cleaning tips though as I find anything different in my mouth invasive.

All in all  this is a great book for young girls and indeed women of any age. Mothers and daughters could read it together or a daughter could just read it by herself ( like I did :D ) and feel as if Mrs. Graham herself was instructing her and then share the jewels she has gleaned from its pages with her mother.    

This book is the most practical advice on Natural Health that I have heard of and it is all in one place.    

I recommend it to any girl striving to care for her body in the most healthy and practical way.   In fact to ANYONE regardless of whether they asked about it or not.



Gae said...

Dear Auutmn,
A very lovley review of this
Thank you for doing this. I hope you benefit from the use of it too
Love Mummy

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Autumn,

Hello from America! Your mum told me that you had done a review of my book, and I must say that you did a wonderful job.

Thank you so much for the kind review; I hope that you found a few gems to help you throughout your life.


Mrs. Graham

Autumn said...

Mum: Thanks. I think I will.
Mrs Graham: You are most welcome , I found some really good stuff.