Monday, February 28, 2011

A Damsels Daybook 27!!!!!!

I decided to do this after seeing A Simple Woman's Daybook.

This is my simple Damsels version.

If you would like to join in with me each week feel free and if you do please leave a comment so I can come 'visit' and see what your plans are.

Please feel free if you want to participate to use My Damsel Image.

Outside my window....... It is twilight and after reading  the first book in this series today it feels even more mysterious and magical than usual.
I am thinking about......... My life, my family, why I respond to some things the way i do. and other random  kinda boring for you to read stuff.
From the kitchen..........pasta, salad and garlic bread.
I am creating .........knitting a scarf ,and also knitting squares to be sewn together into a blanket.  And writing stories and creating a belt/girdle/thingy/ with a pouch to be worn with my skirts.

I am reading.........
My Bible.
Rangers Apprentice: Halt's Peril by John Flanagan
In the Heart of the Rockies - G. A. Henty.
The ABC's of Choosing a Good Husband by Stephen Wood
Emma by Jane Austen
The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy  by Clare B. Dunkle

I am hearing....... Siblings, the computer, and a Demi Lovato Song I'm listening to as I type.
I am hoping.........To try to not get depressed about any thing this week.  Today I just felt really icky and depressed. And I'm not sure exactly  why. Trying to work it out though so when the situation arises I can remember to not be depressed.
I am planning.......... To have a good school week.
I am wearing............  Red Brizngr t-shirt , purple/kind/mauve/ with/ bits/ of/colour / in / it/  jumper (sweater) , faded black jeans with a hole in the knee , black boots and  silver hoop earrings, silver bangle, silver signet ring, and adjustable bracelet .
Around the house..........  Not much.
My wish of the week ......... that I remember to play "The Glad Game."  I intend to try this diligently this week.
Catcha later!


Emily said...

Oooh I'm joining. Such a good idea :) My blog is if you want to see my posts!


Autumn said...

Hi Emily!
I just went and commented on your post.
Thanks for doing ADD! I look forward to getting to know you.