Monday, February 7, 2011

T. L. M. C. Day 7 Five things you couldn't possibly live without!

Okay,  this will be hard!

You didn't say material or immaterial things so I will do two groups . 
Number One :   My family, I love them all so much and  life would be empty without them all.
Number Two :  Music!  Life would be boring and dull without Music.
Number Three :  Writing implements. You know pencils, pens all those things.
Number Four :  Paper !  That means paper of all types, books, notepads, coloured paper , scrapbook paper etc.
Number Five : A good nights sleep.

#2.  Hope.
#3. Joy.
#4. God's love  and  that also means my relationship with God.
#5.  Awe.   At God's wonderful world He gave us , my family , everything !


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