Sunday, February 27, 2011

T. L. M. C. Day 26: A childhood memory. Day 27: A physical feature you love.

Day  26 :  A childhood memory

Okay I am a child. At least until July.   Um,............... thinking......... thinking.........Got one!

 Alright I was 6 we lived kinda near the beach. It was just a short drive away .   I think, I was only small. Anyway .  We went to the like the harbour to see....... Can you guess?   Whales!!!!!!!    I remember driving in the car watching them through the windows. And watching them move around and their tales poking through the water. 
Not my photo : I think they were kinda like this.
I was very excited to see real whales.   I think i had seen "Free Willy" or whatever its called its about whales anyway.   I can remember many other things but  this is a special memory for me.
Not my photo : I remember their tales like this
I don't remember every part of it in great detail. I only remember being in the car and seeing the whales.
Day 27: A physical feature you love.

This will probably sound weird to you but my favourite physical feature would be eyes.  Yeah, I guess that sounds weird.    But eyes tell soooooo much about a person. you can see what they are feeling inside and kind  of see what they're like.  Does any one else love eyes?

Not my photo.  But  look at it!
Not my photo: Brilliant Green . Awesome!


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