Sunday, February 20, 2011

T. L. M. C. Day 20 : A hobby of yours.

Alrighty this is easier then yesterdays was! I have many hobbies. I  sing, draw, write stories and do  many other things. But, I think the one I use the most often and easily is, my ability to make people laugh.
Yes "Weird" your saying. But I do. I'll often say something that makes my Mummy laugh or do something she thinks is funny. Sometimes I'm just being me and do or say something seriously that Mummy thinks is funny. I also do the same with my siblings .
I'll try to make my family laugh when they're feeling down some of them are so hard to get to laugh it can become a chore if I don't try properly.
I love to laugh and I love to make other people laugh.
 If everyone would make an effort to laugh each day I'm sure the world would be a better place and we would all be happier.


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