Friday, February 5, 2010

Hello Dolly!!!!!

Hello Dolly is a musical that my family and I watched for the first time last November. It tells the story of a widow Dolly Levi who is a marriage broker and the people she deals and helps with all in one day. I will tell you she loves a certain Horace Vendergelter.
And is scheming her brain away trying to work everything to her advantage.

I LOVE Hello Dolly!!!!
It is one of my most favorite movies.

It is directed by Gene Kelly who stared and directed another of my favorite movies " Singing in the Rain" it shows some spectacular dance numbers and the costume are gorgeous!!!!!!! You must see this!!!! If you don't I'll....I'll ..... I'll die " of a broken heart" as Horace Vendergelter's niece says.

And now a tasty little quote to gnaw at your brain till you see it.

"Money , money should circulate like rainwater, it should flow down among the people. Through little dressmakers, cabman and restaurants. Setting up a business here. Furnishing a good time over there." -Dolly Levi


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Saxon said...

It is my favourite musical.
My favourite characters are Horace Vendergelter and Cornelius.