Monday, February 1, 2010

A Damsels Daybook 14

I decided to do this after seeing A Simple Womans Daybook.

This is my simple Damsels version.

If you would like to join in with me each week feel free and if you do please leave a comment so I can come 'visit' and see what your plans are.

Please feel free if you want to participate to use My Damsel Image.

Outside my window....... Its a sunny day with light wind blowing the long grass sortly like amother rocking her baby to sleep.

I am thinking about........Starting back to school tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to Latin, my blog , my family , Miss Marple,a series by Agatha Christie which was made into tv series Mummy , My Biggest brother and I are loving watching them.

From the kitchen..........I'v made up the rissoles they just have to be cooked and I'm planning to make a spong cake with Mummy . I LOVE sponge cake

I am creating .........Silk Marionettes with Mummy, learning to crochet, painting a wood figure as St. Francis for Mummy.

I am reading.........
* St Thomas More - Elizabeth M.Ince
* St Catherine Laboure - Alma Power-Waters
* Nicholas Nickleby - Charles Dickens
* Swollowdale - Arthur Ransome
* The Wind in the Willows - Kenith Graham
* Woodland Tales - Ernest Thompson Seton
* The Phanton of the Opera - R. L. Stevenson
* Beloved of the God's - Barbara Ker Wilson
* The Hidden Art of Homemaking - Edith Schaeffer
And Book 5 in the Obernewtyn Chronicles by Issobelle Carmody. Its thicker theany other novel I've read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am hearing.......Brothers talking,me typing , the wind blowing.

I am hoping......... To watch another Miss Marple with Mummy. I adore Miss Marple !!!!!!.

I am planning..........To observe and draw alot of birds this week. I think I'll start with the Swallows.

I am wearing............ Checked shorts, white t-shirt, red headscarf around my neck,bare feet and customary jewellery.

Around the house.......... Everyone is preparing for schoolwhich starts tomorrow , and my biggest brother is preparing to go to Queensland next week.

My wish of the week ......... That Daddy comes home again soon.



Gae said...

Dear Autumn,
What a great list. I know you will do a great job with your lessons this year.
I cna't wait to see more Miss Marple and make more marionettes with you
lots of Love Mummy XXXOOO

Memzie said...

I love the ST GEORGE PLAY. Very creative!
And your post and your brother's poem was enjoyable to read.