Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ash Wendsday.

Okay, so I meant to post a couple of days ago but as you shall see , I've been somewhat busy. On Ash Wendsday I went with Mummy to take Moran to a bloodtest. Everything wenr well and we then went home to get Saxon , Eden, Vellvin , Rogan, Myffwyn and Corbyn and head of to the Ash Wensday Mass. We had all received the ashes on our foreheads , we had all received communion when drama encurred. Eden fell forwards off the pew , knocking over Myffwyn and then one of the Deacons who is over 80 years old . Mummy rushed over to help her outside fore she sZAid she felt sick. Just as they were almost at the door Eden collapsed. Several people rushed over to help her ( God bless them) including a gentleman whom we see every Sunday, who it turns out is a Doctor. He took over with helping Eden completly, somone elevated her legs , another phoned an Ambulance. Six of us where tken over to the Prespetry and spent the afternoon there . One of the most boring afternoons of my life. Vellvin and Rogan startdd to throw up and the little three were hard to look after. We had no picture books , skipping ropes or anything to keep them entertained. It was a long afternoon. Eventually Mummy came and picked us all up and we went home. Eden is fine the doctors did say she may faint again. Rogan , Vellvin and Eden were all sick with some sort of 48 hr virus. I on the other hand was kept busy as nurse,maid , cook and babysitter. Thank goodness Saxon was not sick and was my helper.
This is what Ash Wnedsday was like for me. Would you beleive the same thing had happened 3 years ago? Saxon fainted in church on Ash Wendsdat as well.
I hope none of us collapse on Ash Wendsday next year.


Memzie said...

Oh my goodness! What a crazy day you had! I hope everyone is getting better.

Annie said...

Hi Autumn!

I am a friend of your sister Vellvin.

I thought you might like this award!

Your blog is very nice and you have put a lot of hard work into it! Well done.

Here is the link to Vellvins blog so you can have a look at how to post it on your page cause my blog is private. Also see if Vellvin will let you see my blog cause I have already invited her.

By the way my name is Annie. =)

Autumn said...

Dear Annie.
Thank you for the award Vellvin has told me what it is and I am glad to have been given it. Thank's a million. I would love to be invited to see your blog. Vellvin has shown me it before and I greatly enjoy reading your posts. I look forward to getting to know you.

Autumn said...

Thank you for commenting Memzie.
Your comment really made my day.