Friday, September 11, 2009

Beauty in My Week.

These are my pictures for the week The first one is of The Blessed Virgin Mary. I love it because (like most pictures of Our Lady) it inspires me to (try at least ) to do what God wants And doesn't She look so peaceful. She looks like she's praying for us her heavenly children. I haven't a clue who it is by but it is beautiful.

The second one is a charming fairy image. I like it because the girl is wearing a gorgeous dress.(Isn't it exuisite?) And then all the wild things around her and especially the fairys hovering above her head.



Lady Ophelia said...

Your pictures are lovely Autumn. I love that image of Our Lady and the fairy one as well.

Autumn said...

Thank you for looking and also for hosting this.
I love doing it .