Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jolly Jumper!!!!!!

Last week I was bored. So I pulled out this kit I had had in my possession since I was eight years old.The kit was labeled "How to make a puppet." But it was actually a marionette. I know what it is because I quote Tasha Tudor (She knew what she was talking about) She said" These are not puppets. Puppets are worn on hands these are marionettes." There you have it the manufacturers were wrong it should have been labeled "How to make a marionette". Anyway I had painted the pieces years ago but was unable to put it together. I tried again and eventually decided to just ditch the instructions and work from the picture on the box. It turned out very well and I named him after western comic book hero Lucky Luke's horse.... Jolly Jumper! I am working on another one. A dog and really enjoying it .


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