Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beauty In My Week.

These are my pictures for "Beauty in My Week". I was unable to do it last week because there was no computer spare. Anyway,these are my pictures for this week. I like the first one because it reminds me of my sisters and I doing things together.And also because of the wonderful feminine outfits. And also because there all outside together.

I like this one because it looks like the mother is just enjoying being with her chil and the child looks like right now its mother is the only thing that matters to him.And also because it looks warm outdoors. I don't know what there called or who their by or any thing about them. Except my mother is planning to use the first image for something for me and my sisters. She will be doing a post soon so keep an eye on her blog.


1 comment:

Lady Ophelia said...

Thanks for doing this again.
The pictures are beautiful, I especially like the first one, I have this one hanging in my room!