Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Unsinkable!

If you're like me you love a good story, I mean who honestly doesn't?!   The thrill of excitement as you get to a crucial bit in said story, the moment of sadness when a character is  dead or dying.   But , again  if you are like me  you love reading stories about real events. Biography's , novels , they are amazing!!!!    My absolute favourite real life incident to have stories based off is "The Titanic."
   Those stories are always amazing, they can be about people from any background but they always end in the climax of : the sinking on   April 15th 1912 "The Unsinkable Titanic" did what many people boasted she wouldn't: She sunk.    My favourite book about the Titanic is  "Voyage on the Great Titanic: The Diary of Margaret Ann Brady, RMS Titanic, 1912 by Ellen Emerson White"
Its awesome a young girl from London England sails as the companion of a rich lady , she is an orphan and is going to America to join her brother there. And this book has everything!    Desperation, distinction between classes and what that entails, friends  who will never see each other again and the sweetest most beautiful sad and gorgeous ending ever!!!! Which I'm not going to tell you as I command you to go and buy/beg/borrow or steal a copy.   Okay I'm not all that heartless here is  Wikipedia's review on it SPOILERS ALERT!

"The story begins in London, England, where a thirteen year old girl, Margaret Ann Brady, is keeping a diary. She explains that her parents died and her brother emigrated to America leaving her in the care of an orphanage. The orphanage receives a request for a travelling companion to accompany Mrs. Carstairs on the RMS Titanic.
The beginning of the trip goes more than smoothly. Margaret meets a handsome young steward, Robert, and befriends him. She thoroughly enjoys the trip, describing how big the Titanic is, and the luxuries of living on it. She has grand meals, and even shares one with some of the most important crew of the Titanic. But the ship crashes into an iceberg and starts to sink slowly. Mrs. Carstairs escapes to safety on a lifeboat, and tells Margaret that they will meet up again soon.
Margaret rushes down the ship and looks for Robert. More and more lifeboats are leaving, but she figures there will be more. Finally, she finds Robert. They chat and share a tender moment. Then they kiss. Margaret pleads for Robert to come with her to safety, but Robert declines stating he cannot leave his fellow stewards.
Once back on top deck, Margaret leaves on the last lifeboat and is the last to board. She and her fellow passengers watch in horror as the grand ship sinks. They hear the cries of the dead as they move on, rescuing a few people from the cold waters. She says that she could not forget the screams of the dead going down with the ship. She also states that she will not forgive herself for letting Robert go, nor for surviving the Titanic.
In New York, Margaret says farewell to Mrs. Carstairs and finds William. They travel to his home in Boston and the story ends. "       
  And once again if you are like me you are extremely excited that next month is a hundred years since the sinking of "The Unsinkable Titanic"   Do you have a favourite event in history that you enjoy reading about?

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