Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stop this Monster!

Warning :   Adult please preview for your child as things found below could be quite frightening and/or sad for children.

Jessica over at "Diary of a Beautiful Soul "  Posted this incredibly moving post . A veiw hours ago I had no idea who Kony was. Now I do and I want him stopped.                 I urge you to read the following which is a copy of Jessica's post titled : 
      " because we won't stop until you are brought down"    I urge you to share this and spread awareness of this monster. I urge you to pray that he is stopped. I urge you to help bring him down.                   

 "Today I am not going to be doing any memes, or funny, lighthearted blog posts. Today I will be telling you all about something that was only brought to my attention a couple of hours ago, but needs to be spread as fast as possible.

First, please watch this video. It is a half hour long, but I urge you to please -- say 'no' to ignorance, and find out what is going on.

Should you have chosen not to watch the video, I will sum this issue up for you, only because I believe it is so extremely important that as many people as possible know what this is about. (But please reconsider hitting the play button!)

Joseph Kony is a monster. He is the leader of an organization called "LRA," a rebellion in Uganda (Africa.) For the past nearly 30 years, he has been kidnapping children, ages five and under, from their homes, sometimes from their beds in the night, and destroying their lives.

To the boys, he gives a gun, and forces them to shoot their own parents. He makes them into soldiers and forces them to mutilate peoples' faces.

As for the girls, they become sex slaves. 

For the past twenty-six years, he has been building his army this way -- with innocent children who are forced to slaughter other innocent children, and spread violence and terror throughout Uganda. He only does this for power -- not to forward any political views or anything. As he gathers more soldiers, and grows more powerful, we could seriously be looking at another Hitler. And one look at history will tell us how that ends.

The man who made that video ^ is the head of a campaign called KONY 2012. They have been working for awhile now to stop Kony and the LRA, but only recently has word really begun to get out.
We have one year -- the rest of this year, in fact -- to catch him To arrest this potential-Hitler. Because after this year, peoples' interest will begin to wain, and then the few people who are truly dedicated will be standing against him alone.

Here is all I am asking of you, even if you didn't watch that video, or read any of the above. Please do at least one of the following:

PIN that ^ poster.
SHARE the video link.
EMAIL all your contacts with this important message. Heck, just
COPY AND PASTE this blog post and send it out.
TEXT everyone you know.
IM your friends and say "Hey, check this out."
POST the video on your blogs or Facebook walls.
FORWARD other peoples' messages.
CREATE a "KONY2012" pinboard and
REPIN as many graphics/videos as you can.
PUT UP a button on your blog's sidebar.
PRAY for this man to be brought down, and for the children he has terrorized.
MAKE the banner your profile pic on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, etc.
Do whatever you can, all for one purpose...
and make his name a household name.
Not to promote his ideas and principles and violence, but to promote awareness.
And show that you are not going to stop until this war is over.

In order for any action to take place, awareness must first be achieved. Please, for the sake of what is right, for the good of the millions of five-year-olds and babies who will fall asleep tonight afraid that in the morning, they may be taken from everything they know and love, and forced to become monsters... 
spread this man's face before he makes a name for himself through destruction.

No one had the power to take action like this in the 30s, and look at the world-wide destruction and terror that took place. DO NOT let history repeat itself. YOU have the power, right now, to make a difference in catching this man. To shape history. YOU can make sure that people find out what is going on, before it's too late.

And, no, I do not work for the Invisible Children or KONY2012 organizations, (both of which are non-profit,) but if you would like to support them, or buy a KONY2012 bracelet and sign the pledge, here is their website and store.

Thank you if you took the time to listen to this and did something to help =)
Jess     "

 I will be trying my best to raise awareness  for this modern day Hitler.    I'll be trying to help, Hey I'll probably post about him again, and what I've heard  that people  have been  doing etc.  And anything I may have done no matter how small it is.   My heart hurts to hear about this, and yet I want to use that to help make a difference.  What about you???

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Thank you so much for spreading the word, girl!